Vinyl or CD?

I’ll start:
I Usually prefer the sound of vinyl, but CD with PSA gear sounds SO very close.
And it’s CD all day for the lazy—or sleepy.


Given I choice of analog vinyl or digital I choose vinyl every time. Then there are occasions where an item is available in only one format, thus the need for a quality record player and CD player. Reissues, that’s another story as the mastering and the mix is typically altered to fit the fashion of the day. Purely my preference.

Really awful, flat sound quality from the LPs. The packaging is very nice,etc. But the sound is surprisingly inferior to the CDs.

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Ha ! You admitted it. While I love the sound of Vinyl, I no longer have any or a Turntable. Ted’s DAC brings my old CD’s, ALAC, FLAC, & WAV’s sound so “Vinyl like”, it’s awesome. The equivalent priced Chi-Fi DAC’s give the DSSr. a run for it’s money but play a harsh sound poorly mastered CD through it, and the result is very “hello, I’m here, this CD sucks” type of quality (my Terminator comparison revealed this on a few album’s). I listened to the Holo May KTE at a friend’s place and at New Record Day Ron’s and liked what I heard but didn’t get the opportunity to try it at home against the DSSr.

I’m just messin’ with ya Ron. “Party On” :smiley:

You need to get the old Classic Records release mastered by Grundman

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I don’t feel 'messed with". The point to my topic is that there are few if any guarantees in this hobby.
I love my turntable and have a good deal invested in it with cartridge, etc. But there’s no guarantee that vinyl will sound better than my PST/DSD. Sometimes yes, sometimes not …yes.


The only rule is there is no rule.