I think I saw this coming 30 years ago

I remember seeing the Nirvana album for the first time and I said someday this poor SOB is going to realize his nude baby swimming and chasing a dollar picture is on an album cover. Here we are 30 years later and he’s chasing an additional $150k! America!


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He’s seeking $150K from each defendant, of which there are several, as well as a jury trial.

I thought $150k was low. Did it say if his parents were compensated for the picture?

The Guardian article says Elden claims he was never paid, but it had been previously reported that he was paid $250. I don’t see any mention of the parents getting paid in the articles I’ve read.

Sounds like he might have to forfeit the 250 bucks. Lol

idiocy at its best

He has Nevermind tattooed on his chest, I read.

I read an interview of this person 5-7 years ago and he seemed to have a playful, enjoying the fame attitude toward the image.

I guess things changed.

His “Me Too” moment?..Nevermind:rofl:

I was thinking how most of us here would think being the baby on that album cover would have been absolutely kick-ass.

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