HD Tracks 10% Sale Code: 10august LAST DAY TODAY!!!!

Currently downloading: 24/192 Eagles Studio Albums 1972-1979 & the excellent Reference Recordings of Don MacLeod There’s A Time that Fremer raves about in 24/176 (Master).

Now playing the Eagles “On The Border” 24/192. The PWD2/Bridge is behaving flawlessly! Sound is extraordinary.


Is someone willing to download the album Alone in 24/96 from Eleanor McEvoy for me and send it to me via WeTransfer. I really like to have this album, but it’s not avalaible outside the US. Probably because she’s Irish. [-X You will of course get paid if you send me (PM) your account number and BIC code of your bank. Thanks in advance.

Wybe - one thing that has worked for me is to pay by PayPal. A credit card in the past has triggered the PFO messages but not the PayPal. So set that up and see if you have luck.

@David: thanks, I will give it a try!

@wybe If that doesn’t work, I will do it for you. You may have to explain to me how to use WeTransfer. Christopher

@David and Christopher: thanks guys for the support! I did select PayPal instead of paying by credit card and that worked. No messages like “HDtracks only sells to US residents”. I already downloaded the Eleanor McEvoy album. Thanks very much!

192/24 “Astral Weeks” just downloaded!

@wybe - great - glad to hear it. That trick does not seem to work with qobuz. They seem to have very strong IP barriers.

@wybe yea