I wish we had a live chat room here sometimes

You can join us at the Roon Discord server Roon

Usually quiet but some of us leave it up in the background.

Edit: and even if you’re not a Roon user feel free to stop by. Majority of the chat is about music and electronics and less about Roon. Although, every once in a while we’ll help someone troubleshoot a Roon issue.

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You can have multiple Roon Servers in multiple locations. The trick is when you are going to leave one location for another you may have to shut down the server you are not using. May. Then when you login in the new location Roon will ask you if you want to choose the new location server over the other and when you say yes you are good.

I have three Roon servers now, all in the same home. Each one replaced the previous one and two are powered down. But if I get a itch to visit the grand old machine it is very easy to do.

All of this is allowed by Roon. No monkey business required.

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