My little rant about Audirvana and Roon

I now use AV after trying roon for several months. I honestly think we should all be expecting more from both platforms. If I hand either platform my entire catalog of local music files they both should be able to go out and retrieve from tidal and qobuz music queues thousands of songs deep of similar music we might like. then we should be able to thumbs up and thumbs down or a 1 to 5 star rating to train the system on what music we like. listening to music on either platform should be a deep dive into hours upon hours of new music selected for us based on our preferences. the fact that neither platform makes this their primary reason for using it shows a laziness or lack of programming resources that leaves them both vulnerable for some new player to come in and put them both out of business.
They both should have on the main screen a “you might also like” and with a click there are thousands of songs ready to play. JMO

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Roon Radio took a noticeable leap forward sometime in the last two months. It pulls more from my library, it plays music released in the last 30 days. It is the radio station of my dreams. And it gets me, it really gets me. No ratings to give, there are no stars, just music I don’t get tired of listening to. And it is easy to tune.

But yeah, you have needs. The word is out!

My 3 month trial ends on Feb. 25th. Unless Harmon Int’l lowers the lifetime subscription, I’ll be going back to Audivanna (even though they screwed me over when I had a hard drive crash). They wouldn’t give my back my version of AV that I legally purchased with a valid license key.

Will I miss Roon…maybe. But I’ve amassed too many DSD files now to keep flipping through folders with them with my Sony UBP-X1000ES’s remote.

I had too many DSD files and Audirvana couldn’t add them to the library. I let it grind for weeks accomplishing nothing.
I have used countless media programs and found Audirvana a puzzle I could not solve to do things I can easily do with any other piece of software. Roon is a piece of cake.

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I just noticed this on my ride home from new house last night. I played Anna Popovic and the album ended and I got a long list of songs I really really liked. I was getting a bit tired of roon radio playing the same stuff over and over again and it was a pleasant surprise.

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+1 for Roon Radio.

It is the best of its kind in my (somewhat limited) experience.

No better way to discover new music via my Qobuz subscription and the algorithm absolutely destroys JRMC’s attempt to provide a similar service (although, in all fairness, JRMC has a lot less to work with given the relatively small number of files on my own network as compared to what is available via Qobuz).

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That’s a little perplexing, I have a decent amt of DSD and Audirvana Studio has had no issues with finding. adding, or playing it. FWIW - I had first tried Audirvana for Windows maybe a year ago and found it to be just too flaky in a whole bunch of ways, and went back to JRiver, which is enervating sometimes but once you figure out the interface it is rock solid IME. Anyway not too long ago I decided to give Audirvana another shot and found it to be greatly improved. YMMV of course but it may be that if you were running a version more than 2-3 updates back that you’d have better luck now.

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I’ve been without Roon for nearly a year and don’t miss it a bit.

I used to have a NAS with a couple thousand albums that I had either ripped or downloaded, but both hard drives in it took at dump at the same time. I think it was a power surge that took it out.

Either way, using Lightning DS with my Auralic Altair G1, when it gets done playing whatever album I was streaming via Qobuz, it starts playing new music for me much like Roon, but it make its selections based on albums I have saved as “Favorites” on Qobuz.

Zero complaints. Stable, smooth operation all the time.


I have 1551 DSD albums. I was running the latest version of the more expensive version. On a Mac. It absolutely ground to a halt when trying to read my DSD collection. I tried many different ways to make it work and was unable to do so. Plus, the interface is the absolute worst I ever encountered. I was happy to remove it from my system. It didn’t have any trouble with 7500+ PCM albums…

I have a lot of experience with JRiver, Foobar, Euphony, Qobuz, Tidal, and of course Roon. No trouble at all with any of them. I am happy it works for you. I wanted it to work for me. I paid for a year subscription of their top product and I don’t miss it at all.

My biggest snarl with Roon is the Tidal playlists - I add tracks to my Tidal playlists as I discover them and playback of said playlists is preferred with the newly added first. Roon does not properly organize newly added tracks properly when the ‘date added’ tab is selected.
Matter fact, when I select the ‘date added’ tab, I’m not even sure what order it seems to organize tracks. I add a new track in Tidal and Roon kinda throws it wherever. :roll_eyes:

I’m convinced that some algorithms get processed like a slow first grader sounds out big words in an advanced storybook… :sloth:

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Makes me very glad for BBC 6Music, whose various “DJs” seem to be just as good as Peel was for presenting music I might not have thought of (and quite probably wouldn’t have been suggested by one of these algorithmic thingies) but which I end up listening too often / buying etc. etc. :slight_smile:

Between that and the “Now Spinning” thread I have more music than I need or could listen to.

(also means I can use a free and excellent, but non-algorithmic, music server system - I haven’t plugged LMS on this site for weeks so had to get that in)


So far ahead of its time.


Yes, and still getting active development, both the server, and the streamer firmware :slight_smile:


More people are moving away from Roon. Severe problems with performance, search, remote apps etc.
Yet there are better tools available anyway depending on your needs and preferences. JPlay’s frontend and usability is gorgeous, HQPlayer with NAA for amazing sound quality etc.

Such as…?

I am a relatively satisfied Roon customer (for Qobuz and my files). What should I be looking for in terms of service degradation.


“Severe problems with performance, search, remote apps etc.”

Bah. No trouble here.

Well lucky when you are not affected. Over at the Roon forum many users are reporting since months of severe problems - which Roon also confirmed.

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I have had licensed versions of all of the computer based music playback programs and for my money Roon is simply the best overall experience. All the rest are either incomplete, difficult to use or buggy.


What he said.

I have no doubts about their being numerous issues reported by users: and I hate their Wild West, communal approach to customer service/trouble shooting. It’s nothing but “customer unfriendly”.

That said, what are some examples of issues making the software struggle with “performance, search, remote apps etc.”.

Overall, my experience has been significantly better than average when using Roon.

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