I wish we had a live chat room here sometimes

Ya know?
Like it’s Friday night and I am letting my system entertain me by listening to playlists, just daily playlists from Roon.
The current one I am enjoying is:
Daily mix: The Future Sounds of London.

My friend Matt would say “it’s all Al Music” which would be a jab, but also correct.
At any rate, lots of atmospheric music, wide and deep sound field, and I seem to have a decent system to exploit such nonsense.
But I can still type.


Curious what is included in the Future Sounds of London. One of my fave recent releases is Blue Note Re:Imagined. Blue Note asked a bunch of London based artists to cover an older Blue Note song.

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Even better would be some feature where you could share your stream and have people take over your Qobuz or tidal stream. actually Plex has a watch together feature I’ve never tried but it seems like a fun thing.

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Isn’t this a form of a live chatroom?


It gets that way at times but no, live chat is not the same as this forum.

If you have Roon you can just search for:

Daily Mix: The Future Sound of London

And see it or play it.

A real time Tidal//Qobuz playlist would be fun instead of posting “album covers” one would select a song that the community could listen to. Permission to post a new song would be contingent on listening through the most recent posted song.


That is my number one beef with Roon. When I go to a friends house to listen, I can’t login to my Roon account to see my favorites or recent listens. It could offer a way for us to see our favorites and such. It should also offer a way to share playlists without saving them as a spreadsheet and emailing them.

Maybe it does offer something and I am unaware of it. But it seems like Roon is totally limited to my Roon server at my Home and when I leave I got nothing. Bah.

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You’d think there would be a way, should not be all that difficult. As I do not subscribe to Roon I have no solution(s) to offer.



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Senna1 A Qobuz PSAudio Forum List 1 as a open shared playlist. had some participants. It died quickly. I kept adding interesting songs I found related to forum. Ther are 7.5 hours now in it.

After I lost Roon with a backup barf. I use Qobuz solely and the Aroon My Qobuz option. It dis close to what Al likes

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Live Music, I get out…!


Russ Johnson, John Hebert, Dave Rempis with the Tim Daisy Quartet at the North Street Cabaret, Madison Oct. 29. Hot Jazz!

I have yet to add Qobuzz to my listening platform. Change is hard.
I held off on Roon, and at this point probably will not add it. I am all in with Innuos’ current app.

I don’t Roon…

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Me neither

You would if you were a drug user.


I do know a Dave Roon, and he is from Minneapolis. Close enough?


Nor do I. Their last increase in the lifetime rate made me hesitate long enough that rational thought intervened, and I realized for me to take full advantage of it, my family would never see me. I’d be barricaded in the listening room forever, diving deep into one rabbit hole after another, while they’d be outside wondering what the smell was.


there are some die-hards on the roon forum who’ve figured out magical VPN solutions to get roon to work remotely.

I don’t have the desire to jailbreak the thing, but it could be amusing if it were seamless.

I did manage to jump on the lifetime deal right before the increase. But I thought about it, that even at that price, it’s a minuscule cost compared to other (speculative) audio stuff I’ve bought. And it’s been so valuable in introducing me to new music, not to mention giving me access to countless albums I don’t have in my physical library.

I wouldn’t die without it, but like crusty french bread and a bottle of pinot noir, it makes life that much better. :grin: