New music that doesn't s**k

I have a number of favorite albums or genres on Roon, where the world is my oyster (sort of). This, combined with my ripped library, provides hours of enjoyment.

Thing is, I know there’s a LOT out there that I’d like to hear, but if I check in on “Latest”, “Upcoming”, or just sample around, it seems like so much new music is bunk. Autotuner? I’m allergic. Rap? Nuh-ugh. Hyper-egoic divas? You can have 'em. So often, I try to find new stuff, only to physically cringe and go back to what I know. And that can get boring.

Can we get some recommendations for new music that doesn’t stink? If it’s high sound quality, so much the better.



@RobH Fellow denizen @ronaldwanders has done us a great service and given us a glimpse of his eclectic taste with playlists for Qobuz. If you are a subscriber, check out his play lists. Some good stuff in there: “For Qobuz Users”

Another music “shopping” technique I like to use is to queue up a favorite on Roon and engage its “Roon Radio” setting. Since I currently subscribe to both Qobuz and Tidal, as well as Roon, I have developed a pretty good list of newly discovered favorites that I am methodically sorting and acquiring on disc for ripping on to my hard drive using this technique.

Two recent discoveries:

Buddy Guy

Dave Gruisin

Happy hunting.

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Thanks for that pointer. Unfortunately, I’m not on Qobuz, so I’d have to scan the playlists manually for gems. I’m not aware of any way to get a Qobuz playlist over to Roon/Tidal. At least I can see the playlists without signing up.

Loves me some Buddy Guy, and Grusin is always a throwback to my father’s old system.


I dare say I am 55 years young; thank you very much.

LOL :wink:

Try that Roon radio trick with your Tidal subscription linked up to Roon, when you can. Music that does not s**k should be close at hand!

Ain’t no tricks here that I know of. Look at list - do manual search on Roon.

If there’s a way to import Qobuz playlists into Tidal or Roon automatically, I’d love to hear about it!

Did not need to imply there was a path from Qobuz to Tidal or Roon without a Qobuz subscription – none that I am aware of…

I was referring to spinning one of your favorite tracks to have Roon Radio dig up similar music as it digs through Tidal’s library, as well as your own.


Got it. Thanks for the clarification.

I do that pretty much as a matter of course when I’m not picking and choosing, but sometimes it begins to degrade over time, choosing things I’d really rather not hear, or something completely unrelated.

My experience as well…

About an hour before the algorithm breaks down…


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Give Black Pumas a try. Their debut album is really good. Can’t say they are pioneering anything but their take on retro 70s soul is refreshing for 2019.

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I really like Jose James. His latest two, Yesterday I had the Blues and Lean on Me are very good. I also enjoy Kamasi Washington’s latest three and Shabaka Hutchings’ Wisdom of the Elders. . . .


Well, thanks, @scotte1

I’ve heard the “Blues Singer” album before, but thanks to your suggestion, we listened to it anew.

We love the blues*, and Buddy Guy, and thought the SQ on this album was righteous. It was quite enjoyable, so thanks for compelling us to listen to this again.

  • The blues makes me happy.
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I found so much new stuff out there on the ether-net last week I ended up buying five CD’s in Germany and had them shipped all the way to Australia. Some other stuff I wanted to buy on CD but I couldn’t find it, so I reached out to the artist to be told it wasn’t available on CD but I could download a FLAC copy on beatport.

And what might these new gems be?

Just some more of the same puerile rubbish (puerile being a word I learned from a senior forum member right here in relation to my musical choices).

Rob …
You can also follow the “What are you spinning now” topic in this forum.

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I am certain Dirk was kidding when he described your musical interests as puerile rubbish.

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Yeah I know, which is why the smiley face emoji was attached to it.

Is “puerile rubbish” the name of a band?

Etcetera, available here:


If not, it should be.

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