I2S output board for my Oppo 203 vs Bridge II ethernet for sound quality?


Yup, came with a cable.
PCB was black rather than green as on his website, must be a later revision I have.


I ordered the i2s board from oppomod for the oppo 103 and DSD Sr.
Unfortunately it produced lots of static noise for both red book and dsd.
I tried different hdmi cables, turned off and on the devices, move around various cables, same problem.
I ended up returning it.
Perhaps I got a faulty board?
Anyway, not worth the trouble…


Hard luck man, sorry…happened to me with other kit.
Absolutely worth the trouble, you have a faulty board my friend.
Any issues fitting it?

Have you emailed the seller for a replacement, sure he’ll look after you.

Mines works great, blows the Oppos coaxial output away, into the Directstream, much better.

Wanting to make the most of my Oppo as a digital transport, so have organised the same sellers Femto clock uograde board for my player.
Basically a far more accurate system clock, jitter spec wise puts it up with the DCS kit (actually quoted as better but being realistic) :slight_smile:

Should sound pretty terrific into the DS over i2s, just need to sort out a decent and short hdmi cable.


Photo of the board fitted, sounds a lot better into the DS than the coaxial output, and I was using a very good cable.

Just need to sort out a good (short) HDMI cable to connect them up.

Maybe worth DIYing one as it only needs to be 25cm or so?

Getting Oppo DSD Output to the Direct Stream Dac

Tried a few 0.3/0.5m HDMI cables and found the Bluejeans FE Bonded pair cable to sound terrific.
Great price too.


Hi @gazjam
Can you recap where you bought the I2S board for the Oppo 203? And does it affect both hdmi outputs or just one?


The IS2 OPPOMOD board has its own HDMI output and the two HDMI outputs built into the 203 are not affected at all. I have done these mods to my 203 and love it.