I2S output board for my Oppo 203 vs Bridge II ethernet for sound quality?

I can’t get my card to work. In trying to do some research 'cuz I’m almost sure I am missing something.

Hi. I bought the card for an BDP-103 but I’m not getting any audio from the I2S card output to my DirectStream DAC. The card must okay as it does pass audio to the Oppo’s 7.1 analog board. I tried several settings and also not connecting to the analog board, still, no success.
Would you mind sharing how you got a successful connection between the 103 and the DAC (including the settings in the Oppo). Thanks in advance!

Hi Riku
Its an Oppo 203 I have.

I’ve done many modifications to my 203, the Oppomod i2s board was just one of them,
Heres a link to when I’m talking about the i2s board, hopefully it’ll help. :slight_smile:



I have the I2S mod and the 103. For me it took some support from mr Lee and two slightly different cards to get it right. Mostly around the card settings. Once working it is rock solid and delivers a really good QA.

These are my settings:

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Has anyone ever heard why these boards were not made for the BDP-105 and 105D? I still have my 105, but don’t care to buy another disc player like the 103 or 203 that I would use probably only a few times a year. I’d still like having a good transport on hand (especially if I hosted a local audio club meeting, or wanted to hear a newly purchased disc before I ripped it), but I can’t see spending a lot for such limited use.

I believe that the 105 is unable to extract the SACD information from the disc. It is “too new”. At least that is what I remember when I did the research last year.

The 105 is on the list of devices that can rip SACD’s so I’m not sure if that’s the case

Thanks. I’m not sure then. I think you could ask Mr. Jaehong and I am sure he would give you the correct answer. It takes him a day or two to reply and it will be in broken english but he is very straightforward. I ended up buying a fully loaded new 103 from him wired for PSA I2S connections.