DMP vs. Oppomod I2S Board?

Having perused the various threads on the DMP, and discussions related to the Oppomod I2S boards, I didn’t see any direct comparisons between the two… Has anyone listened to both with a DirectStream DAC? I’ve got a DMP on the way, and I’ve got an Oppo 103D that I’ve used as a transport. I prefer the sound of the Oppo (via coax to the DSD) to the sound of jRiver/PC (via USB to DSD), and am expecting the DMP using I2S to be better than the Oppo using coax. Really just curious if I could have gotten a similar improvement with the Oppomod upgrade to my existing 103D rather than adding in the DMP…?

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The silence in response to this question is deafening…:joy::joy:

I suppose that means it will be up to me to perform the experiment, and do the comparison.

My PWD is supposed to ship NLT 18 December, so once it arrives, I’ll run it hard over the holidays and see if it meets my expectation of besting the Oppo as a CD transport. Assuming it does, I’ll keep it!!!:hugs:

Once that decision is made, I’ll order up an Oppomod I2S board, install it, and run it for awhile to see how it compares, both on RBCD and SACD.

Side note…as I sit here and type this, I’m wondering what response I’ll get from my wife when I try to explain to her why I’m doing this after just spending $4000 on a “CD player”…:roll_eyes:


Looking forward to your comparison. I have an OPPO 203 that I was debating about putting the board in. Don’t think I could explain spending $4000 for a transport to my wife in any situation.


For what its worth:
I love the sound of my PWT via I2s in DS jr over Oppo 203 with OPPOMOD UDP-203/205 LPM SE power supply via Coax into DS jr.
I was hopping the the Oppo with the mod would better the PWT…it didn’t.
I am expecting the OPPOMOD I2s card to arrive any day now. I cant justify the DMP just now and I’m hoping the modded 203 via I2s will do the trick. Will report back at the end on January once I have it all sorted and a few hours on the clock.


Thanks. It’s the I2S card I have my eye on.


OMG, I can’t belive I’m actually saying this…
Just get the OPPOMOD I2s Card. I’m only a few hours in to listening to it but it kills the output from coax.
The Oppo 203 with this card and the Oppo mod SE power supply sound better going to the Stella Gain Cell DAC via I2s than the very same Oppo 203 going to the DSJ via coax… I just can’t believe it myself.
Needless to say the Oppo 203 going to the DSJ is better again but the Stella GCD with this mod input is a cracker.
Will it replace my PWT ??? … give me a few weeks to listen lots using the exact same HDMI cables and a range of material.
Happy camper here.


Watching this thread with great interest…

Modded my own 203 and run it into my DS via i2s.
Not a massive disk spinner anymore so couldn’t justify the DMP (Bought a BHK Pre instead :grin:), and will upgrade my Roon playback with the Octave Server when it’s available.

Never heard a DMP, but know that my modded Oppo is the best disk spinner I’ve ever had in my system.
Big fan of Oppomod, so far I’ve did the following:

SE Linear psu
I2s output board / with circuit breaker and no fuse
OCXO clock upgrade board (huge improvement audio and video)
5mm aluminium Disc Stabiliser kit

Case damping
Furatech IEC inlet with silver wiring
8 pin Silver power cable for mainboard
Dac board disconnected

I know the DMP (as is the MSB Uber transport) is based on the 203, and if the upgrades to the 203 can get me a little bit of the way there then I can be happy and call it done.
Both video and audio, especially through i2s into the DS is miles ahead of the stock Oppo.

Hope this helps!

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Great! Appreciate the update

I have a large collection of SACDs, DVD-As, and Blu-Ray Audio discs but not all that many CDs. DMP would just not reliably fly with the DVD-As or Blu-Rays so I purchased the Oppomod 203 from Jaehong with the added i2s output.
The Oppomod 203 works perfectly with the DSD Sr Dac over i2s. I am also streaming Qobuz over ethernet into the 203 which provides the rendering and then outputs the Qobuz bits to the Dac over i2s. No Bridge or USB connections are used.
I believe it is this combination that allows both transport and dac to be used to full potential.

I encouraged Jaehong to pick up as many new Oppo 203s as he could find at the old price and I believe he may still have a few left in stock but all will surely be gone soon.


So, where do I start with OPPOMOD to get the most from my OPPO 203 connected to PS AUDIO DIRECTSTREAM SENIOR?

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I have extensively modded my Oppo 203 and run it into my DS Senior over i2s.
Sounds fantastic.

Have a read at my mod thread over on the link here:�m-about-to-do-Major-Oppo-mods

Hope this gives you an idea what you can do with your Oppo, I got a lot of stuff from Oppomod and I can tell you picture and sound are vastly improved over the stock 203.

Let us know how you get on. :slight_smile:


Many thanks! I will check everything. I will keep you posted.


Bought OPPOMOD power supply se board, I2S board and stabilizer. Also, Furutech power inlet with cabling plus silver 8 and 6 cables to start the fun! Let’s follow your path to transform this 203.

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Following your footsteps!


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Great! :slight_smile:

Hi gazjam, to use the Oppo 203 dedicated to Directstream Sr. via I2S HDMI cable, will I keep the DAC board installed? After installed the UDP-203/205 LPM SE, Aluminium BD-ROM Stabilizer and I2S Card Upgrade do you think it makes sense to upgrade the clock to FEMTO CLOCK MODULE? I will have to send the main board to Seoul o get it done. Is it worth it?


Hi Vemanoel,

Even though the i2s card came with an extra ribbon cable to “daisy-chain” the Oppo dac board to the i2s (to use both) I’ve disconnected mine.

I dont use the analogue outs as the DS dac is a lot better, and not having it connected eliminates any potential signal/power conflict between the two boards.
What exactly I don’t know, but I wanted a stripped down, maximised i2s output Roon Endpoint, so not taking any chances.

After fitting the Femto Clock Module everything got noticably better, so I’d say absolutely it’s worth it.
A pain to send it to Seoul to get it done though, is there any trusted electronics shop in your area that can so small scale surface mount soldering?
Thats what I did, but theres something to be said for getting the developer of the board to do your work for you!

All the upgrades are cumulative, and each one builds upon the previous ones.
The upgraded silver power cable is an absolute must too, as it improves power supply to the main board, which governs everything really.

Follow the all mods on my thread, it’ll let you get the best i2s output from your Oppo to the DS and is absolutely worth it.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

It helped a lot! I will gradually upgrade OPPO because it is a good amount of dollars.

I have already bought everything but the fentoclock.

After receiving and installing all upgrades, I will send the mainboard to install the fentoclock since it is a long way from São Paulo to Seoul and more than 100 bucks to send it.

I will keep you posted my friend. Thanks for your help!

I will also leave it connected only to DS Sr here with my old but fantastic PWT.


Any updated thoughts from anyone on the Oppo I2S board vs. Bridge II?

Good question indeed. Just Gazjam can tell us.