DMP vs. Oppomod I2S Board?


Having perused the various threads on the DMP, and discussions related to the Oppomod I2S boards, I didn’t see any direct comparisons between the two… Has anyone listened to both with a DirectStream DAC? I’ve got a DMP on the way, and I’ve got an Oppo 103D that I’ve used as a transport. I prefer the sound of the Oppo (via coax to the DSD) to the sound of jRiver/PC (via USB to DSD), and am expecting the DMP using I2S to be better than the Oppo using coax. Really just curious if I could have gotten a similar improvement with the Oppomod upgrade to my existing 103D rather than adding in the DMP…?


The silence in response to this question is deafening…:joy::joy:

I suppose that means it will be up to me to perform the experiment, and do the comparison.

My PWD is supposed to ship NLT 18 December, so once it arrives, I’ll run it hard over the holidays and see if it meets my expectation of besting the Oppo as a CD transport. Assuming it does, I’ll keep it!!!:hugs:

Once that decision is made, I’ll order up an Oppomod I2S board, install it, and run it for awhile to see how it compares, both on RBCD and SACD.

Side note…as I sit here and type this, I’m wondering what response I’ll get from my wife when I try to explain to her why I’m doing this after just spending $4000 on a “CD player”…:roll_eyes:


Looking forward to your comparison. I have an OPPO 203 that I was debating about putting the board in. Don’t think I could explain spending $4000 for a transport to my wife in any situation.


For what its worth:
I love the sound of my PWT via I2s in DS jr over Oppo 203 with OPPOMOD UDP-203/205 LPM SE power supply via Coax into DS jr.
I was hopping the the Oppo with the mod would better the PWT…it didn’t.
I am expecting the OPPOMOD I2s card to arrive any day now. I cant justify the DMP just now and I’m hoping the modded 203 via I2s will do the trick. Will report back at the end on January once I have it all sorted and a few hours on the clock.


Thanks. It’s the I2S card I have my eye on.