I2s output board for Rasberry Pi

Anyone here know any Pi outboard that works for the DS DAC’s I2s input?

Piaes2 - just know that it’s limited to 24-Bit up to 192Khz as are every other I2S card I’ve found including Pink Faun I2S PCI-e board. It seems there just isn’t enough demand/market for chips to support higher bit rates in these type devices. Obviously they exist and are used in the PS Audio transports.

See: Dummies Guide to Pi2AES! Throw away your PC or laptop. | Super Best Audio Friends

I have and I like.

But I’ve never tried it into a DS DAC as I don’t have one of those.

I’m using its I2S output into a Topping D70 DAC, and I think it sounds great.


DIFFERENTIAL I2S OUTPUT – A DS2063 Differential Transmitter is used to drive the I2S Bus via LVDS over a standard HDMI Connector. The Pinout is compatible with Gustard I2S Interface. PS Audio is possible, but the left/right channels will be swapped.

Minor, just swap interconnects if one cares.

Thanks for the link , will try it out. Maybe there is a way to program the outboard as well.

You’re welcome. I have no direct experience with it, only knowledge of it’s existence.

I’m not sure what you mean by outboard. This is a Pi HAT ‘Hardware attached on top’. One could consider this outboard I suppose but I think you’re referring to something else.

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant, HAT.

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Swap of interconnects will affect all sources connected to the DAC. But of course if you only have one digital source it will work.

If one doesn’t care about swapped channels it doesn’t sound like hifi to me :wink:

Don’t know where you’re located. Im using a combination of Allo Kali Reclocker and Lamp Audio digital Output board. Available in Europe through audiophonics.

Allo Kali 384/32

Allo Kali 192/32

Digital I/O board

The Reclocking unit is essential as the Pi does not have native support for the 44.1 and 48 clock frequency families. So these bitclocks are generated by PLL which means poor jitter performance.