Ideal VA Headroom


Looking for some input, trying to decide between PS3 and PS5. My int amp draws 375V, Dac 20, Streamer 12V, JS2 LPS 70W… and that’s it. I understand PS3 provide 750 VA while PS5 provides 1200 VA output. With PS3, I’d be at ~64% capacity… is that ample or should i consider ps5?

If ps5, i’ve read comments about the spacing of the outlets limits the type of cords that will fit (some cord heads are wider than others).

I appreciate your input!


It really depends on what you’re wanting to do. The advantage of the P5 over the P3 is full regeneration. The P3 has a filtered output for bigger power draw equipment, while the P5 does not - it is designed to run everything, big and small, with regenerated power.

I’d say you’re on the border with what you have and recommend the P5 if you can manage it.

Thank you Paul. Are you able to comment on the spacing of the outlets on the ps5 unit? i am concerned my cords won’t fit.

Hmmm. Let me know what you have for cords. I haven’t seen this as a problem before. Maybe you’ve something different than I am used to.