If anyone is interested in isolated ground receptacles

A good vid on it. I’m not associated with the channel.


Didn’t get it. Is this necessary in the absence of conduits?
And is a dedicated line by definition a line with an isolated ground?

Regarding the difference

Deeper dive into WHAT an isolated ground is for

Whether one or the other is more relevant - or relevant at all - is up to the individual and their particular needs. I just posted it as a differentiation from dedicated circuit.

Note - the article on difference is addressing its use for computers, but the concept is the same. Isolated grounding is also used in hospitals and other industrial settings that use critical electronic equipment that may be sensitive to noise coming through the mains.

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So if I plan to have a dedicated line installed, and since the grounding bus is right below the main panel, it would easily be an IG circuit by bonding its ground not inside the panel but to the bus?
The bus if of course connected to the panel’s feed ground, but there’s also a separate safety ground electrode connected to the bus which is essentially to provide an earth if the feed was damaged by frost, etc. If I understand correctly, there’s usually “nothing” going into the separate safety earth electrode, everything goes to the feed ground normally. Then connecting the dedicated line’s ground to the bus would of course lead there too, but due to impedance it would be one-way essentially, so the common garbage going into feed ground wouldn’t flow back to the bus?
I might be confused because I couldn’t find a translated terminology for IG in my country.

I am not familiar with electrical practices and code in other countries. I suggest you inquire with a licensed/qualified tradesperson in your country.

Interesting video and it gives me some things to think about. :thinking:

Thanks for posting it.