Nerding-out on a dedicated AC line

My listening room (repurposed guest room) happen to have it’s own dedicated circuit when the house was built.

However, my listening room doubles as a media room complete with surround sound, video games, a gaming PC, chargers for phones and controllers and battery back up UPS systems for the PC and video games.

That beeing said, haven’t I pretty much negated the benefit of a dedicated circuit? Wouldn’t having multiple dedicated lines cause ground loop noise issues?

How big of a benefit it’s it to run multiple dedicated lines, and to what extent, what devices group with what? Is there juice worth the squeeze?

Always looking to better my system…

Yes the circuits are worthwhile. My source devices and preamp are on one circuit and the amps are on their own. Sounds great and no ground issues. If you’re doing any household work involving an electrician they can usually add a line in most homes for a reasonable cost. My guy added an additional line for $200 when we were renovating our family room.

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