If I buy the m1200 amps the p12 will enough for them

I am considered purchase the new m1200 monoblocks. But I whant to now ir the p12 regeneretor will be drive the m1200 easy or I need to go with the p15 , my other option is go with bhk 250 and the p15 , but will be more investment $ maybe the m1200 with p12 will give good dynamic for my legacy focus se , i not have the final decision right I don’t now what combination I will buy for my speakers, is hard decisicion but the review of the m1200 are fantastic , let me now your thinking my ps audio friends I have the direcstream dac and I loved

The P12 has plenty of current capability to handle a pair of (and more) M1200s. With the power ratings of the M1200s, they have the ability to pull more current than the P12 can handle, but in practice, this probably won’t ever happen.

The BHK 250 is a decent step above the M1200s. Both amps have a full bodied, lush tube like sound, but with the BHK’s linear output, they tend to be slightly more real and dynamic.


Thanks for the info jamesh soon I will dicided