M1200. Price$ And vs bhk 250

Hi ps audio i like to now the $ price of the M1200 monoblocks and the comparation in sound vs the bhk 250 , the m1200 or the bhk 250 will be my next amp for my legacy focuse se speakers i am so curious of the diference in sound quality :slight_smile: i have the direct stream dac , i love ps audio i whant all ps audio hear with my legacy focus se. , thanks your client alfredo

$5998. for a PAIR
ALL info is on their website.
They are in BETA testing this month.

I’d go for the BHK in case I had the DSDAC. Though the M1200 seem to be very promising, They are Stellar line, different enclosure and your DSDAC is top of the line like the BHK. Maybe I am paranoia, but legacy speakers on a Class-D amp? Even if the front end is tube, the equally tube front end but Class A/B BHK would be a better fit.


Thanks a lot for your advice :slight_smile:

It all depends on your price point, your current pre and power amplifiers and what your final destination might be. There are many on the forum that really enjoy a BHK Pre mated to the M700 monoblocks (including me). This combination has good refinement and the stability of solid state amplification. At the same time I do not want to discourage you from even further sonic refinement and delacy with a combination of a BHK Preamp mated to a BHK 250.

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Sure you are right, very much so with the M700’s. They have a Class-A input stage and if your speakers are efficient enough and the edges of the Class-D amp are gone you really do not need to spend a truck load more on the power amp.

Problem is, I more and more start to prefer tube amps.

2 x M700 <<<‘$<<< 2 x M1200 <‘$< 1 x BHK S250


Thanks a lot you have a good point , withe combination of bhk pre. With the m1200 or bhk 250 , the time will tell , the best thing is to demo a read a review of the m1200 , but the people have the combination of bhk pre with bhk 250 , is so good , thanks alfredo

Thank for the advise

I am running both the the BHK 250 and M700 in my room from the BHK pre amp. Each channel with their designated towers. DMP and DAC Jr for digital front end. Stellar phono pre for analog front. The REL Gilbraltors are signaled from the M700 as they don’t mind providing that transmission. The M700 are more bomb proof and forgiving and sound really good. But I just love turning on the BHK 250 halfway into a listening session and hearing the sprinkle of magical fairy dust on top. The BHK 250 takes a lot of power and needs minimum a P10 power Regen. The M700 can run off the P5 no problem…I am looking forward to trading up my M700 to the 1200.

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Thanks for your info , but you don’t hear significant deference in sound quality between the bhk 250 and m700 , the ps audio guys tell me the bhk250 is a big step up over the m1200 and m700. I hope can’t demo alll thanks alfredo

It’s that:

Which makes that “huge” difference once you invest in Stellar equipment. In that region you start treading the area of diminishing returns. And such “magical fairy dust” determines the “magical budget” you will have to spend if you want to hear it.

Sounds like a Disney story, doesn’t it.

Hey Algnr

Sorry i wasn’t very straight forward in my description. Yes the BHK 250 is Magical and is the fairy dust in my system. It gives me a rush when i Turn it on when listening to just the M700s. I am spoiled because I get to do that comparison every listening session. I wouldn’t know any better though if I didnt have both amps online ready to go. But in all honesty these are the only amps I really know as this is my one and only high end system. Thank Christ. Lol…I feel and it is probably because of my speakers. Is that the 250 really brings life to vocals being in the midrange to high midrange and is a bit more sensitive to the load put on it. The M700 is less sensitive to load and therefore I run more speakers off them, and gives good Dynamics to the bottom end. Each type of amps really has its pros and cons. If you have a big room and want lots of slam I would go with go with M1200…if you have a small room and like more refined listening I would test listen the BHK 250…hope that helps.

Cheers from Simon in NW Canada

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Hi Rudolf

Very true…the struggle of justifying the balance of diminishing returns. (I bought my BHK 250 and BHK pre amp on the big sale of Black Sunday and was very fortunate. Hoping to get 25 years out of them…wonder if i should buy more tubes now?)

Especially when one is a gear hound. My biggest internal struggle right now is cartridges. My VPI Scout cost 3k and my cartridge 1k. And my Stellar phono pre will shine on any cart I run. The Mofi Master tracker is a really good cart but i really want to know how a good low output mc cart would compare. One day maybe…I love playing vinyl…rock to Jazz…Band on the Run to Heavy Weather to funky Donald Byrd to Oscar Peterson.

The 1200s are not yet in beta, to be clear. 5 days ago, Paul wrote: “The M1200 beta will happen first, near the end of March, the Strata beta should follow one month later.”

I am considering placing the word “beta” on the list of forbidden words. :grin:

Schmeta Testing, then ; ). Kinda-sorta schumwhere around there…


@Elk, So you are planning to withdraw the PS Audio February 2020 newsletter? There are 2 paragraphs dedication to beta testing, did. I just say beta testing? Yes, I did say beta testing.

And you can forget about ever mentioning the Infinity IRS Beta


Absolutely! Good call.

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Thanks a lot. I have the legacy focus se speakers, have etremely good bass , I don’t have more slams I thinks the bhk 250 will be more dynamic and best mid range to my speaker’s, thanks for your help , the bhk 250 ther we come :slight_smile: