iFi Audio iPurifier

I'm using this USB filter that connects to the USB-B end of the cable before my DirectStream DAC. The sound becomes much better. And I wonder if I still buy AQ Jitterbug, can they work simultaneously? Сan be iPurifier could better Jitterbug and not worth to buy Jitterbug? Anyone else have used the iFi iPurifier? I really like it, but it is necessary in Russia for about 120$. It is fully aluminium casing with a small led and I have it for about 18 months.


Yamad, I have both but have not used them both at the same time in my system here. I can try adding the iPurifier, but honestly I don’t think that my own results, whatever they are, will really tell you much, as they will be very system-dependent and will vary according to what cables you use and how much EMI you have in your environment. Also, there is a piece of me that says that with 3 things between the usb port on the server and the usb inlet on the DAC, it would be a wonder if the poor signal manages to get there in one piece at all. But I will give it a shot and let you know if I hear anything interesting.

EDIT: OK, I tried it. Honestly I do not think it made any real difference, BUT I am also using a jitterbug, which feeds a Schiit Wyrd, and the cable from the Wyrd to the DAC is very short, so I would have to think that there’s not too much of an EMI problem in the first place, and most of the other issues would have been handled by the Wyrd. So it may matter more in your system than mine. Sorry I couldn’t tell you something more definitive!

Thank you, Bob.