iFi NEO Stream Directstream DAC Compatability?

Has anyone tried the i2s interface on the new iFi NEO Stream with the Directstream DAC? I am interested in using it to get access to the DSD 256 capability via the i2s interface.

I looked at this a week or so ago. I don’t see DIP switches on the unit. Did you look in the manual?

No, they do not have any dip switches but they publish the pin out and I have compared it but there are a few naming differences or slight inconsistencies that someone with a little more familiarity with the interface would need to verify if its just nomenclature differences.

For reference here is ifi’s i2s pin out.

I2S via HDMI connector Pinout:

  1. Data -
  2. Gnd
  3. Data +
  4. Bck +
  5. Gnd
  6. Bck
  7. Wck -
  8. Gnd
  9. Wck +
  10. Mck +
  11. Gnd
  12. Mck
    13,14,15,16) DSD Enable; L=PCM, H=DSD
  13. Gnd
  14. 5V Power Enable Output; L=O, H=On
  15. N/C
    20,21,22,23) GND