What are used BHK preamps going for?

I’m considering going integrated (Luxman or Pass Class A) and curious what I might be able to get (non trade price) if I placed my perfect black BHK pre for sale. I believe a few people here have sold their BHK Pres. Just curious Thanks

This site will tell you, world wide, what the market will bear.

Here’s the Audiogon Bluebook:


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No problem. It’s a handy service if you buy/sell used gear with a reasonable amount of frequency.

Good luck with your sale. It’s a fantastic piece of gear. I really like mine.

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You are selling at the right time. At the time I could only find mine at TMR. I paid 3600, which is about 100 more, but they are very reputable and paid me ok money for trade in for my P7. Could have saved a few hundred if I waited and dealt with selling on my own, but I jumped. Did not see any for sale in the past few weeks. So don’t have much competition.

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I’m thinking of selling outight and just use my passive amp in the meantime.

I want to head in this direction for my office rig. At least to replace the amp and pre. I would consider the phono pre if it was really nice. I would like to keep the DAC separate. I think that’s an area where we are going to see continued steady improvement at a good pace. I am also most likely going to move my DS into the office when the MKII comes out. It will replace a Hugo TT2

I was also thinking about Pass and Luxman. I am going to include Boulder, European Audio Team, Hegel, and Modwright in my search. All used. I will be picky and wait for a 9/10.


What speakers are using in the office rig?

ProAc Tablette 10 Signatures. In my opinion they are the perfect desktop speaker for near field listening. The closed back allows for pretty close placement to a wall. I have them on either side of a 38" monitor with the tweeters very close to ear level. There are times where it almost feels like wearing headphones. One of my favorite audio purchases of all time. I intend on keeping them forever.

However, I am considering getting a small sub, but will wait until I settle on an integrated. Possibly a KEF KC62. I don’t have a lot of room for something full sized.

Take a look at the SVS3000 micro. I have a couple of them in another small system and they really work well for their size.

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Has anyone actually heard Hegels? I’m contemplating downsizing too as I get older, so am looking (for now) at various integrated models. Right now, it’s KIND OF between a Hegel (likely H390, but more likely H190), and the NAD M33 - need a little more oomph for the Maggies, so no 60ish watters for me…

I have a JL Dominion D108 that I use with my 1.6QRs. They integrate well, go crazy low, and ‘keeps up’ with my 1.6QRs without loading the room too much. Plus it’s very compact like the SVS Micro.

I have a Hegel P30 Pre in my office. It’s very nice. I seems to be super transparent, I don’t get a sense that it has a “sound”. It’s also built like a tank. The switches, volume control and rear connectors are top quality.

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Good to know, thanks. I’m leaning more toward Hegel than the M33 more because you can’t use high level inputs in subs with digital amps because the ground floats (not a true "ground), and I prefer the sound of high level inputs (the JL has both).

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You might want to look into the Kinki Studio EX-M1+ or the Audia Flight FL Three S. I have one of each and the have both paired superbly with speakers from Verity, Nola, Fritz, Reynaud and even Harbeth. Both amps are neutral in nature. Audia Flight is what Verity was shown with for years until they developed their own electronics. If you don’t think the 100 watts at 8 ohms is enough from the FL Three S you could move up the line. The Kinki at 200 wpc you more than suffice.

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I looked at both. Unfortunately they only have one XLR input. I am hoping for two minimum.

Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t looked at Kinki gear before. It looks very nice.

That’s too bad as it’s great sounding gear and built like a tank. In the Audia Flight line if you go up to the FLS 9 you get 2 XLR inputs. The only balanced input I have is the DAC so it works for me. One XLR seems to be pretty standard for integrated amps including Pass. The Aesthetix Mimas has multiple XLR inputs if you want to spend that much

The Pass INT-60 so far is the closest.

If I wait long enough perhaps there will be a PerfectWave Integrated.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one and it wouldn’t interest me at all if it exhibited the quirks of the BHK preamp. Depending on what your willing to invest in an office system the Constellation Audio would be a possible end game integrated for me.