Imac win 7 insatll

I own an iMac witha I7 Intel cpu . It’s from 2013 how can I install win7. I ahve read about boot camp do I need this. I tried windows parralell and it stinks and some stuff does not work correctly any thoughts on this ??

You can either run virtual machine software, such as Parallels (which you apparently tried), or Apple’s Boot Camp. The former has Mac OS running with the virtual machine on top of it and the latter just the OS in Boot Camp, such as Windows 7. You need to run Boot Camp because Macs are otherwise missing some software required for Windows (e.g., the BIOS). I haven’t used Boot Camp. I think you need to set up a separate hard drive partition but that’s taken care of when you install Boot Camp. You then install Windows as on any other machine.


Boot Camp Assistant should be in your Mac’s Applications/Utilities folder

first off thanks

and yes doing boot camp . There seems to be plenty of support. It’s a I7 2010 late I Mac 27. This is the last stop for this. Mac is cool but just not practical for me in the office. It does it find Al, the nas drives nore there intranal portions. No spund slow as hell . It’s just not worh it.

I even tried the latest paralles too and new Mac os. It seems Mac goes out of its way to hurt this or windows is . But they do not like each other for sure. This was the first really good audio PCI I had before I built them. I Used at the time audivana 1.xx and later 2.0

it best out every pc I had except and I 7 gamer that was my next clue .

Anyway thanks it’s doing the download as I post this again very kind and thanks


I hope it works out. No reason I’m aware of that it shouldn’t.

It went very well. It’s easy

the boot camp helper was very simple.

It allowed me to Parton the drive and do a fresh install. It’s the win and office updates that takes time. It very fast much better than the other way.

Thanks for the help. I also found a step guide on Google as well

Can I add a second hard drive inside and also I want a fan for the bottom it runs hot


I doubt it but I don’t know. (I have a vague sense that some iMacs may have been made to accept an SSD along with a hard drive.) Other World Computing ( sells kits for adding second hard drives to certain Mac Minis. If it can be easily done for your iMac they likely would have it. Just switching from a hard drive to a SSD might help with the heat issue, and would also speed things up. (My 2009 Core2Duo Mini with an SSD feels faster in many ways than my 2014 Core i5 with hard drive.)

This is a SSD now one TB. Just looking to future in this. It also has an I7 cpu Intel amd 8 Gb ram

not sure if a sighed drive can be added as i think I configured it with everything at the time. I’ll google it when I can and see.

Thanks for the help its late 2010 27 iMac

No black screen and the keyboard works fine even the Briteness control.

So Far it’s perfect it’s win 64 but corp edition.