USB connection Sprout not detected on IMac

Opened the box anxiously. Attached all cables and turned the SPROUT on, nothing showing in connection to IMac. MIDI setup in ITunes does not list SPROUT. Only listing is XMOS USB Audio 2.0; Clock source: XMOS Internal Source. Tried 3 or 4 generic usb cables, no detection. Audioquest Vodka is “in the mail”. Also tried JRIVER and ROON . “Library:” is external usb/firewire drive that is detected. Any suggestions would be appreciated. BTW IMac recognizes 2 usb drives. Thanks for any input. Tried calling PS Audio but don’t expect them to be open on weekends.

I’m not sure what “Midi setup in iTunes” means. Do you mean Audio MIDI Setup in your Applications/Utilities folder? If not, open it and see if you can select the Sprout. Did you try rebooting the Sprout (turn off and on)? Rebooting the iMac?

Yes Audio MIDI in Setup App/Utilities folder. I misspoke/typed. Have rebooted both several times, will keep trying. Thanks

BTW Bluetooth works fine.

@hutchp you are fine. The USB firmware that Sprout uses is made by XMOS. That’s how it shows up in the USB Audio list on a Mac. XMOS is the right selection for your audio output.

Thanks, I’ll see what JRiver or ROON will do with the SPROUT. Works flawlessly. Audience “The One” speakers really like SPROUT. Can’t wait until I have a few hundred hours on the two. Mahalo andrewnewman.