"Infrasonic" suggestions

Suggest some uranium-level heavyweight music, with that whole-body encompassing infrasonic feeling, music for benchmarking big subwoofers (well, not “benchmark tracks” per se, good and intricate music of course)
I’ve been really liking Air Max '97, learned about it from John Darko’s recent subwoofer review.
Basslines that fluidly go through that whole spectrum of body-felt feeling from the toes up. I don’t even have a subwoofer, my speakers do from a bit over 30Hz when loud, but well-engineered bass like this makes me feel I don’t even miss a subwoofer. A clever layering of bass transients makes a speaker kind of perform above its punch. And effects such as clearly delineated spatial shifts of pressure are really euphoric.
Of course, if I had a sub I’d be in a whole nother kind of bliss…

Air Max '97:
*Mirrored Gate
*Falling Not Walking

My all-time favourite reference for bass performance, a real masterpiece that never fails to reveal itself more and more:
*st epreo

(I once tried introducing Autechre to PS forum folks, not a very warm welcome but I understand why. Still, no one can deny their technical prowess…)

Oh and for slower, meditative infrasonics…
Oren Ambarchi:
*Intimidator (just… wow)
(I think these have the deepest of deep bass that can be extracted from a speaker, Oren Ambarchi really reminds me of Eliane Radigue, very calming while somewhat haunting, all-encompassing…)

Give me more, please.

Check out “Losing the Light” by Explosions in the Sky on “The Wilderness” album

There are also a few good tracks on the soundtrack of The Dark Knight Rises By Hans Zimmer

Some infrasonics on this

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Eliane Radigue.
Spent years composing these pieces with the ARP 2500. Years.
I trust and feel (hear?) she had gained a natural understanding of brain waves and ways to align bandwidths such that they eventually sync with the brain, from delta to gamma.
I have slept nights with Trilogie de la Mort in the background. It does its things.