Autechre - a benchmark for synthetic detail retrieval

I consider some of their work as truly benchmark-level stuff when it comes to evaluating a system’s dynamics and imaging with purely synthetic tracks.

If you want an exemplary track of what can be achieved by two guys with a computer and the right software, listen to “st epreo” and why not “Zeiss Contarex”…
A bit of a heavy introduction, but listen to that engraved detail and you’ll know what I mean by “benchmark-level stuff”.
Also, for the sheer dynamics especially, have a listen at “Gelk” and “Gaekwad” while you’re at it…
If you have very resolving top end in your system, try “Dial” and concentrate on the “lyrics”. (Joke, joke)


Pfew… That was hard to swallow dude… How do I put this nicely…? I really tried real hard, but it did not end up in my playlist… :joy: :grin:

That’s very understandable.

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I’m with you, didn’t get anything out of that.

I have several Autechre Cd’s and I definitely would not recommend them to the musically timid. To quote (sort of) Laurie Anderson “Welcome to the difficult listening hour …”

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I couldn’t find the specific tracks mentioned. but I spent some time with a bunch of others from various albums. Not that bad, actually. I found them interesting and definitely not boring. I have listened to much worse.

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I’m not recommending Autechre to the musically timid, at least I don’t think so considering where I’m posting. I’m recommending them to people with resolving systems because when it comes to purely synthetic music, I consider Autechre aurally and dynamically very, very intricate.
Understandably it won’t click for everyone but I don’t think anyone can deny their technical prowess.

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Maybe if I had just smoked a joint or two of redbud. But to my ears, this is very boring. If I even tried to add this to one of my playlists, all the other tracks would mutiny!!

I respect your opinion, but… Boring?
I don’t understand how such unique soundscapes can sound boring on a resolving system. They’re not repetitive and I’d even go as far as saying they’re anti-monotonous what with the sheer amount of micro-detail. Very precise mastering too.
They might not be overly musical though (especially on first listen), is that what breaks the experience?
Brian Eno has released soundscapes that I’d consider about equally “non-musical”, yet I have a hunch that his works have a generally easier way of ending up on people’s playlists. (Just a hunch…)

I just hope more audio enthusiasts would get to know Autechre. Not just them, why not throw something like Venetian Snares on the table since we’re at it. (Hehe)

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Yes, stultifyingly boring.

Eno’s Music for Airports is nearly as tiresome.



Ouch. Well, thanks for teaching me a new novelty word.

“Novelty word?”

I have never before encountered that word, not once, ever. Definitely a novelty expression.

Got it, new to you. :slight_smile:

Okay, okay, let’s take a few or more steps back.
How do you folks like Boards of Canada?
If you enjoy Geogaddi and Tomorrow’s Harvest, you might be able to enjoy Autechre’s most-clearly-identifiable-as-melodic-tracks.


i shall try and give this a go if i can find some. i don’t mind some boards of canada, though not particularly inspiring, i like eno when working with fripp.
i do listen to quite a bit of synthetic music (for want of a better term) and some ambient music so i may find i like it. one for tomorrow though, it’s 4 am here, and i just switched the hifi off :slight_smile:


Love Autechre! :sparkling_heart: So many layers to peel, so many multidimensional ways to shake and move sound. Highly intelligent minds intertwined with the software/hardware they use - lovely to dissect when you’re into music production yourself. Always something new to hear on every play. +++++

Which albums are those on? I have a number of them but I have yet to listen to any of them since I got my system a few years ago! Now you got me in the mood to put some on!

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I’d definitely recommend ‘1 1 ls’ from the album ‘Exai’, also ‘jatevee C’ is a banger on the same album (check out Deco loc on ‘Exai’ aswell). Some older production I love is stuff like ‘overand’ on ‘Tri Repetae’. These particular songs are very highly polished on the highs especially. Just love the slam of jatevee C’s bass and unfolding and sporadically stepping hypnotic melody patterns. One more recommendation from me would be range3 from 'Quaristice (Versions). Big slapper unfolding and imploding. :new_moon_with_face:

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Btw, which albums do you own by these fine fellas? (: