Interconnect A VS B VS speaker cable C

Without naming brands, specific items, or budget, here’s the question.

If you have your first set of interconnects, between a pre and power amp.
sounds great, images well. the second set after swapping them out, imaging improves, so does, sound stage width and depth, but here’s the catch. The tonal balance while still sounding good, clearly doesn’t sound as good as the “A”.
would you try to find another set of interconnects to try to achieve the better soundstage characteristics like the set “B” while keeping a similar balance of “A” or are we better swapping out speaker cables at this point to balance everything out or improve either or?

Sorry for the long winded question, but i figured it would strike an interesting debate, during this time of isolation and potential times of boredom.

Let’s hear what you have to say on the topic!

You have just slipped and fallen down a rabbit hole.

In this case I think I’d prefer to keep the increase in soundstage and as you infer, change something else.

Many options including speaker cables. What else do you feel is subject to an increase in quality; equipment wise?

Put in what sounded best, and listen to it for a month before swapping back. Truly a rabbit hole. If you’re using decent quality stuff, it should sound good in either case. Deoxit the connectors and enjoy the music.