Interested in Roon

I am looking into a Roon setup, primarily for its impressive user interface. It will be installed on my PC. Presently I am using an Auralic Aries mini streamer feeding the Directstream DAC from the NAS and Qobuz using Auralic’s Lightning DS software. This setup allows me the option of shutting down the PC if desired during listening sessions. Couple of questions for people using Roon

  1. Would I have the option of shutting down the PC or does it need to on? I am speculating the latter as the core needs to be running. Correct?
  2. With the addition of the Roon, is the dedicated streamer doing anything?


I use Roon with an Auralic aries G2. Your Roon core must be running. I stream via wifi, with my server/Roon core in another room. The improvement in SQ is large, vs, usb from my core direct to DSD. The SQ of Aries is much better than Bridge 2.

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Thanks @kylemillsap. That’s what I figured. My current setup bypasses the dac in the Aries mini. With Roon, am I introducing another link in the chain? Will it be detrimental?

You can directly stream to the PS Directstream if you have the Bridge installed, in this configuration the Directstream acts as a Roon endpoint.
You can use a streamer with either USB or coaxial out to the PS Directstream as well.
The advantage of Roon is adding a great user interface with cataloging and combining locally stored audio and web based services in one app. If you really start to get into it you can start to configure with some of the DSP options and manage headroom etc. Not necessary but can give additional improvements.

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So, @kylemillsap

Could you elaborate?

Core is a computer? (Mac?), then the Aries is an endpoint, right? Why wirelessly, tho? Is that better/quieter/faster/cleaner than ethernet?

Then the Aries to the DS via, what, I2S?

Not that it’s relevant to the OP’s question about the Aries, but I run Roon as well. The Core is a Mac Mini, and each system has either a Mac Mini running Roon Bridge, or a Chromecast Audio dongle. (Everything’s connected through ethernet cable, which I always assumed would be the preferred connection.)

Aries will not work with DSD via HDMI. Both my local server, (Music Vault by Soundscience. Optimized for music, Windows computer.) and my Aries are using WIFI. Server receives and sends signal over WIFI. Aries receives signal vis WIFI, then USB to my DSD. No ethernet anywhere in my audio chain. In my system, this is the best arrangement. This setup surpasses Bridge2, which is a great sounding device.

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Had to look that up. Never heard of it!

It has really proven to be an excellent performer!