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Thinking more about The Tube (it really was a hugely important music show in the early 80s - just check the names who appeared in the Wiki article below!).

Every band (3 or 4 per week, including some names that were already huge, such was the show’s influence) played completely live - this was pretty much unheard of until then for a TV studio-based popular music show (the BBC would record live concerts and had some love performances on the Old Grey Whistle Test but this was usually older more seasoned performers rather than the up and coming bands that were showcased on The Tube)

My favourite quote though was this:

" Half Man Half Biscuit famously turned down the chance to appear on the show, as Tranmere Rovers were playing that night, even though Channel Four offered to fly them by helicopter to the game."

(Half Man Half Biscuit were a local band to me, as are Tranmere Rovers).

I even saw Miles Davis being interviewed - around the time or Tutu (or the one that came after) :slight_smile:

How can a legendary record store stay in business in the era of Spotify and Apple Music? For the Amoeba Records flagship location in Berkeley, the answer is simple: Replace the jazz section with a weed shop.


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