Soft Machine and Focus

During my music business ( entrepreneur) days, I was the proud, but poor, owner of a few record stores. There were a dozen or so musicians and groups that influenced ( besides the obvious blues and jazz) my excitement and enjoyment.

Here are a few.

Brian Auger

Doctor John is a phenomanen, I have seen him live a few times and "HE DA MAN!!

It is amazing he is still alive.

His stage shows are as theatrical as his life. A character.

Marc Almond ( ahead of his time while others were listening to Lulu?)

This gentleman almost drove Eric, Jeff, And Alvin to seek new careers as waiters when he dropped in one night to play with Brian Auger in London.

Hocus Pocus was not typical of their compositions but got FOCUS lots of attention. Jan’s use of scales other than the minor pentatonic was way ahead of it’s time for Rock 'n Roll in the early 70’s. I just couldn’t figure out what he was doing! @-) I’m still a fan. A jazz guitarist that I knew introduced me to Alan Holdsworth on a Soft Machine album, Bundles, I think, or perhaps that was the name of the song. I never collected any of Soft Machine’s work but I have plenty of Holdsworth’s. I’ll have to pursue Soft Machine a little further. Who’s that guy playing “Hey Joe?” He might turn out to be pretty god, I mean, good. B-)

Dr. John is on my bucket list for sure! Took to piano after one of his fingers was shot off. He is a national treasure as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks, Gordon!



Golden earring

Just to name a couple of others.

“Youtube is your friend”