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Rather repulsive.

It plays as though it was created by an AI-bot.


Looks like great read for a cold snowy Portland night! Stay warm!

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A natural response to the demands for continual dividend growth (i.e. uncontrolled capitalism) :wink:


I heard the NPR broadcast this morning. Amusing, but he heard a lot I do not think is actually there.


Psychology + Pink Floyd = a partnership full of imaginary stuff!

Time and Money… Perhaps those themes say it all.

Heard the NPR piece as well, and must admit you’re correct. One person’s take on an LP that has been flogged to death. Certainly a piece of its time. I played it this morning, wincing and grimacing through it. The experience conjured the above image unfortunately. Clearly I’ve moved on.

I think by now you know my views on this - if we want a vibrant music scene, now and in the future, then we have little choice in the current climate but to give people money to sit around and learn instruments (or mess about with paint, or electronics, or whatever) and eat beans on toast and not have to justify every minute of their daily lives to a faceless bureaucracy that only ever sees value in profit and searching for minimum wage jobs that won’t even pay the rent let alone pay for heating.

Or, in other words, Universal Basic Income or face a bleak cultural future :slight_smile:

(Admin - this is non-partisan: no party (in the UK or US at least) seems to get this, so obsessed as they all are with profit and dividends and “trickle-down economics”).

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RIP Gary Rossington

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I’ve never been a teenage screaming fan of Mr. Michael, but stone me he could write and perform a damn fine pop song.

It was this incident, and his (perhaps literally) fabulous response to it that really made me realise what a gem he was :slight_smile:

Of course since he’s gone much of his quiet (and often anonymous) generosity to those in genuine need is well known, but it wasn’t when this all happened, and (as usual) the media for the most part behaved abominably.

I came across this some time ago which I found very enlightening and informative. Filled in a few blanks about them as Wham and their respective lives after parting ways. The title is clickbait, but well worth the viewing.

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Thanks for that - an interesting watch indeed (and I normally walk away from videos after 30 seconds!)

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I was torn trying to decide whether or not to post this here or in humor.
Kudos to the kid who saw an opportunity and ran with it. :wink:


Yet if they were at a liquor store, no one would have noticed. Puritanism is tiring.


Agree whole heartedly!