Is Stellar PowerPlant 3 sufficient?

My system consists of a pair of ATC SCM40A speakers, Auralic Aries G2 and Chord DAVE. Would the Stellar PowerPlant 3 be sufficient for this system?

Do you know the power consumption of each of your components?

I’ve had a look online:

Aries G2:

Sleep : <10W
Playback : 50W at max.

Chord DAVE

All I could fine was Power requirements: mains power 80 volts to 260 volts; AC 20 watts


Apparently they use 40W on idle and they are 242W speakers - 150 watts for the woofer, 60 watts for the mid-range and 32 watts for the tweeter

Does that help?

Really depends on the ATCs. The Aries and the Chord Dave will hardly pull much current at all. Based off the specs of the ATCs that I could find, I’d probably recommend the P12 at the very least. Seems like the internal amps could pull more than the P3 can handle during demanding passages. I would want to give the ATCs plenty of headroom. That would easily be achieved with the P12.

Thanks for that. I appreciate your help with this.

I was hoping to get away with the P3 but there’s no point if it’s not quite going to be up to the task. I think the ATC’s internal amps can pull quite a bit of power.

The P12 is quite a lot of money for only four sockets in the EU…