Is there a new CD player in the development pipeline?

Pray tell…?


@scotte1 - internal mod and come to think of it, I forgot… it’s this age thing…

I thought PS Audio promised to support them into the foreseeable future (7 years?) by keeping an inventory of spare parts past end of life? So they should remain available as owners sell theirs and move on to other things over time. They are still working on the software, which is very odd for an EOL product.

That’s cool Richard. I just have ZERO interest in streaming or SD card files or a network . . . . I’m swimming in discs and I still love handling them and the DMP into the DSD and my Decware pre- and amplification is giving me sound that two decades ago I would have thought I would never hear In my home unless I won the lottery. So I’m content to be in this older tech, having the listening time of my life.

I’ve sold a few hundred discs the last six weeks and still haven’t even made a dent in my collection, which DOES have to be downsized. When I have this much on hand, I don’t need to spend time ripping or making playlists from a streaming service. I just go to my shelves and get spellbound and let a disc reach out to me. This is what I wanted for so many years, I’m relaxing right into it.

My hope is to keep whittling away at my collection which may help me to knock off some credit card debt, and continue to enjoy my discs, and shouldn’t need a new CD player for some time–the DMP/DSD duo feel they’re built to last.


@lonson - I love my DMP and thanks to you, it still inspires me. I just got another 30 used CDs. This hobby is about inclusion, not exclusion. I love TTs and one day I will set one up cause there is something so cool about them. I listen in my music room and it is not a group activity. My wife could care less. I love it and surrounded by so many smart audiophiles like yourself and we all approach it differently and I love the diversity of thought and execution.

Keep spinning Lon. You inspire me… I will get you back to smooth jazz you transitioned through in your youth… :nerd_face::sunglasses:


Whittle away and send me as many surplus CD as your motivation desires. The CD is dead, long live the CD!


I just bought six new CD, imported from Germany no less. I asked the distributor if they’d reach out to each of the performing artists to have the CD slicks personally signed, and they did just that. Good luck with getting a signature on the downloaded version.


@Brodric - I like TT, CD, and streaming Qobuz, and files. They all have a place in my heart. I grew up w/ TT and miss my Oracle Delphi back in 1980… I had a Nachamechi Dragon with Dolby decoder… miss cassettes… 8tracks were just being replaced when I hit high school… I love this forum cause all are welcomed and embraced, no matter what approach or execution of approach… I love it all…:nerd_face::sunglasses:


In the last month, I have purchased a score of CDs and a dozen SACDs (mostly SHM). All older titles from the late 60’s and early 70’s.


Unfortunately Puff the Magic Dragon doesn’t love everybody at least some of the time. The never-never is becoming a very populated place.

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For further information as to what Brodric obliquely refers, see here.

Richard–I have been meaning to suggest two artists I think you’d like: Houston Person, Gene Ammons.

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@lonson - Lon, thanks will put them on now… then give you some PM feedback.

I have a box of cassettes from the 80’s and 90’s but I know the moment I drop the first into my Kenwood KX-990SR CD player from the same era a rubber belt drive is gonna go kaput. I also have a collection of vinyl records from the 60’s, including an original pressing of the John Glenn Friendship 7 launch NASA loops (1962). But alas, I have no desire to acquire compatible hardware to play them.

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Then you’ll be thrilled. The brief listens I had been able to make when the new Octave Server hardware was working held great promise and left DMP in the dust.

The third round of hardware is showing up next week and that should contain all the changes needed and perhaps allow us to keep one in Music Room 2.

Fingers crossed as we get a lot closer.

This is by far the biggest engineering project we have ever tackled, but it’ll be worth the many years we have invested.


I am having difficulty imagining the DMP can be bested to this degree. Impressive.

So is the development timetable being driven by hardware at this point? In other words, the Octave software is further along?

No, not really. There’s not been a big push on hardware because the software is what’s really holding things up. We’ve finished the server side software but now the remote access through a connected tablet is the driving force.


Thanks Paul! I would think software would be the toughest part, so I was little surprised when I (mis)interpreted differently. I am interested in how the server works out, though not sure it’s something I would purchase. I like having something physical like a CD or LP to look at and manipulate. I’m also not totally sold on the use of my iPad to play music, mainly since it has been buggy of late. Of course I can adapt if I deem it worth my effort.

But Paul…How does the new pending cd transport hold up against the Octave for sound quality? Is one better sounding than the other?