DMP 3.14 released

In our ongoing efforts to improve the performance of our DirectStream Memory Player (DMP) we have released new firmware for download.

Timing fixes for communicating with the Oppo during initial disk insertion that prevented album art from properly showing.

Fixed Issues

  • • Timing fixes to address issues where album art doesn’t show.
  • • Fix issues where some CD’s don’t come up properly.

The update is available on our downloads page on the website. Instructions for installation are just below the group of folders on that page.


Thanks, Paul.


Paul & Team,
Many thanks for the continuing service.
Keep on , keep’n on,

This load has been running very well for me as a Beta Load. My DMP has always been one of the most difficult to get right and this load has best succeeded. I hope it works as well for others too!

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Many thanks PSA!

Oh no another firmware update! Dare I go through another update that needs time to settle in, and disturb the audio bliss I’m presently enveloped in? Yeah probably.

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I don’t do cover art and haven’t encountered CDs that don’t behave properly. I’ll stick with 3.13 for now.

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I have a few issues with CD’s not loading properly. But mostly I’m hoping the update gives us another bump in SQ.

I know I haven’t been on here much recently but it appears I’ve missed several DMP firmware updates. I guess I’ll find out what I’ve missed since 3.09.

Thank you for the ongoing efforts with the DMP. My minor gripes have been loss of track progression later into the disk and pops with SACD’s. Otherwise, it’s been good to me, and hands down best sounding unit I have owned.

Thanks and we appreciate your patience and good will.

Excuse me I’m new here. An owner of a PSA DSMP, what version ? I don’t know it was a refurb. I have only had it a couple months.

This new software update ,can it be used on my Transport? Pretty confusing because my manual does not match the remote control I have, front face is showing a pilot hole for disk eject, but not on mine.

INfo from the screen:
Unit ID 103075
Boot 113
Firm 123
Web 105

Is this upgrade able?
Are there backup transports for this player?

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Welcome to the community. If your machine is a Directstream Memory Player the new firmware will appy. it does not matter what version you currently have installed in your machine.

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You don’t use the remote to update. SD slot in back of unit

Well,you knew it was coming so I’ll jump right in…3.14 does give a sound quality increase in my system. First off,the bass and lower mids have more of an impact…as in…more meat on the bone…with better tone color and articulatation to instrumental textures within the musicical fabric.The music now emerges with a more real and less homogenized sound.It is addicting to listen to. Very nice!
With that being said,I can also say with confidence that imaging within that fabric has improved to a point where separation of instrumental layout and the clarity there in is the best yet from DMP. I also hear a bit more of a lateral spread in image placement.All in all…a very pleasant increase in sound quality.


Welcome, DRN!

I was on the fence as to whether or not I wanted to bother with the new firmware update, but that’s enough of a nudge for me. Thanks for posting your impressions.

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I feel that it is a significant SQ improvement but from the release notes I didn’t see why it should be. _

Quite useful feedback here as to details to 3.14 and the perceived differences / improvements.

Just got the unit last week, the dealer had installed 3.10 on it. So I’m eagerly reading all this although a bit conscious about it as I’ve never updated the DMP or used the SD card method (USB thumbdrive method has generally worked well on my DSJr), so a bit nervous/afraid as we speak! :)))