Is there a PS Audio network app, or are we limited to Roon?

Bluesound, Sonos, and and many others all have a native app for their network player. Is there one for the PS Audio DS with network bridge, or is Roon the only way to stream from Tidal (and NAS) via the bridge? What are others using?

Yes, it’s made by the company that produces the Bridge card, Conversdigital, add-on in Sr. and built-in Jr.

Search applicable app store for MConnect and MControl


Does anyone use LMS/iPeng for their DS? I fully intend to once I purchase. IPeng makes dealing with a large library so easy with its customisability.

Actually used to use it (though not directly to the DSJ) back when my best source was a Slim Devices Transporter, but then I got a dedicated Mini, and it didn’t occur to me to try using it for anything other than my SBs after that. Though I have used Roon to feed the SBs. (I’ve used SB’s for 16+ years).

Logitech destroyed an awesome company. And one where this random guy from Germany loved the SB ecosystem so much, he made a wonderful app for it for free. I couldn’t believe how many years he did not charge for it. Paul should hire him : ). iPeng’s functionality makes the Converse app look like the steaming turd it is.

So - I have no idea about LMS’s comparative effect on SQ, etc. I certainly could have lived with iPeng indefinitely, and still use it on my phone or iPad in the summer on the deck.


Intreasting story about iPeng. I feel the same way about JRemote. It’s never been free but it’s awesome. JRiver did hire the developer of JRemote when they bought the program but there was nearly immediately a falling out between the parties and the developer left. Ever since he left, JRiver has treated it like an illegitimate second cousin. They will touch it only if an iOS update completely breaks it. And then only weeks after dozens of complains are logged on the website. They are dedicated to a web browser interface, Panel, that just sucks in comparison. I don’t see Panel ever being anything close to JRemote. It’s hard to understand.


I still run two Squeezeboxes, both feed external DACs these days. Both boxes were bought New Years ago and just keep going. Logitech totally blew it with the Squeezbox I agree. I’m glad there’s still a community that develops LMS though. Don’t know what I’d do without iPeng

My choose is a Synology NAS with their control App “DS Audio”. Then set the output device to the DSjr via uPnP. Not perfect, but still so good.

Will ipeng work with the DS system?

iPeng will not see the Bridge so you cannot use it with the DS out of the box. You can use third-party renderers that run SqueezeLite (or a Squeezebox Touch if you have one) and connect to the DS.

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I was under the impression that there was a upnp plugin for LMS that allowed the DS to show as a streamer in iPeng and thus be controlled directly

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Entirely possible. Any details you can provide?

Edit: I found this. Cannot vouch for it and don’t know if there are other alternatives.
Also this:

BubbleUPNP works well to play Tidal to the bridge from an Android device.

I looked into a bit, and it reminded my why I never upgrade the OS on the old Mini I have in the basement running LMS. My phone informed me I needed a 64-bit version of iPeng so it would work with iOS 11. Will it work with the OS on my other, newer server mini? Is there a version of LMS for that OS (which is different and not upgradeable)? Will it play nice with Roon on the same computer? ETC.

Every server system is this way to some extent, but I’m not yet giving up Roon, so I’m not going to mess with it at this point. If I stop renewing Roon and don’t adopt Octave, I may give it a try at that point, assuming all of the above can be sorted. Which may involve basing the system around it. But unfortunately this means I still have no idea how it sounds : )

There is. I too love LMS – still the best interface and feature set of all music management apps imo.

I tried to get it working (the upnp plugin for LMS) with my Synology NAS and couldn’t. The developer was such an utter ass to me on the LMS forums (for no reason, I promise) that I basically said, screw it, and bought a Lumin. The Lumin app is excellent.

Just because I could I installed minimserver on an old PC (1st generation Core i3 I believe) and then BubbleUPnP Server to make the Bridge an Open Home renderer and use the Lumin iPad app to control it. My primary server is still JRMC with JRemote but the minimserver/BubbleUPnP server/Lumin combo works quite well.

Audirvana (for Mac, soon to offer windows) plays both Tidal MQA and Qobuz, and the DS Bridge. It also sounds excellent.

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