Bridge 2, Tidal, MConnect and Macs

Just got the Bridge 2 up and running. A big congratulations to PSA for the great product! My dream of voice activated streaming hifi is one step closer!

A few minor quirks that some apple users might be able to help with:

  • Is MConnect the UPNP player to go for? I can’t seem to turn off the repeat function (this is on my iPhone). And is there a way to add songs or albums to the play queue without deleting what’s currently there? I can’t seem to find an ‘add to queue’ function, only the play symbol which wipes the current queue. Don’t want to make a playlist every time.

  • Is there a Tidal compatible UPNP for Mac? Media Centre still can’t do it.

OK, so I remembered I had year’s free membership to Roon that came with the Bridge - silly me.

Just loaded it up on my Macbook - WOW!!! I’m not really fussed about controlling the bridge with the iphone now (which was always going to be a compromise).

This is comprehensive, user friendly and super fast. Outstanding!

Yup! Using Roon and the BridgeII is pretty amazing. The boys at Roon have programmed in a real winner and you get Tidal too.

Just received my DS Jr. Have Roon running. Jriver MC22 sees the Bridge. Roon does not. Anything I can try?

UPDATE: Seems like it needed a Bridge update. Roon is seeing it now