Is There Any Point To Entry Level Vinyl?

The Project book should tell you what the string/weight marks on the arm represent. If you are tracking at 2 grams, there should be a mark where the loop would fit at 2 grams. They should be an equal force. It is really important that the tracking force be correct with the arm statically balance to a null point before you start. The arm should float free, up and down and sideways, before you set the down force and anti-skate.

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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. I decided to check user error by setting up the turntable again. Lo and behold it now works great. My only guess is that when I was previously adjusting the downforce, I accidentally moved the downforce scale ring from it’s setting. If I’m struggling with this, I can’t wait to try and change cartridges! :grinning:

Nice to hear you’re back in business!

Not sure what cart you have (sumiko rainier?), but a steel/iron platter with MM cart shouldn’t have any magnetization issues… MC, yeah, but it seems like it would affect weight more than anti-skate. (I think it would pull the stylus down to the record.)

(That’s why I only use an MM cart on my Thorens TD-124 and its HEAVY cast platter.)