Isolation devices under Directstream

Recently I purchased a set of new Speakers the Daedalus Poseidon, I was shown a set of 3 DID , Daedalus Isolation Device( as lou Hinkely call them , I took a set to try them out on my direct-stream DAC, they do seem to work , when I say work they do change the SQ of the sound coming from the speakers , could it be psycho-acoustics has any one else had experience with isolation devices under a DAC or a pre amp ?pulling-hair_gif

Its good information about isolation device .

Run an advanced search for both words ‘isolation’ and ‘dac’ - restrict the search to the DirectStream DAC forum. You will find several threads.

People use Stillpoints, Herbies feet, Roller bearings (commercial & DIY) and other products.

Its too hard to copy links on my phone.

I use BDR [Black Diamond Racing] pyramid cones under both my preamp and DAC. Effects are subtle, but I believe that tweaks are accumulative.

Like Frank said, there are already topics specifically about PSA components.

Check out this thread.