It's Christmas at LINN!

I can see each day’s music and the time during which you can download the file. But clicking the download button accomplishes absolutely nothing.

You probably want to look for a download FAQ on their pages. I’m not sure what part of your configuration doesn’t do what they expect.

FWIW The download button takes you thru their normal buying pages but (if the amount due is 0) skips the sending money part. I’ve been getting their free Christmas offerings for three years now and have bought some other music from them as well over the years.

at the very top of the Linn hello page it has a small line saying 24 days of Christmas

In case you missed any of the daily free downloads, Linn today announced that they are offering the entire set of this year’s Studio Master Downloads available at until 6th January 23:59 GMT. Enjoy the tunes!

Yes, they have been quite generous. I did try to download a day I missed, but it reverted to the whole 24 day album. I’ll have duplicates now but it will be easier to find the 24 files on one album rather than 24 separate files, each with an album cover. Thank you Linn!

I downloaded it today, plays on iPad using mconnect HD but not DS, otherwise DS playing fine (Bridge/NAS/Minimserver), but I see the UI shows 24/48 while it’s a 192 file, anyone have a thought why ? Or the same problem ?