Unable to download my purchase

Just bought “out of thin air” for download and due to 2 power surges the download was aborted twice before completed and now I am not allowed to download my purchase. Anyone knows how to solve this?



send @jamesh a message, he can work something out I am sure. Or call PS Audio tomorrow

Thank you, I will

Yes, shoot me an email with your order number. I’ll be able to add another download to the link. jamesh@psaudio.com

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Just did, thanks!

Dear @jamesh, when do you think I will be able to download it?

Good morning Jamesh,

When do you think that I will be able to download it again?

[Order #154568] ()Thanks in advance,


I just reset this for you. Go ahead and give her another try on the download.

Looks like Paul snagged it before I could. Let me know that all goes well.

Hi Paul,

I am really with bad luck.

Full disk :frowning:


Now I managed to have 20Gb, will I get another chance?

Sorry for the mess,


By the way Paul, I am a fan of your YouTube videos.
I live in Portugal and I am in a kind of lockdown in my summer house, I used a computer I usually don’t and it was full :slight_smile:
I was really anticipating to hear your new disk.
Just to let you know, the systems I have at this house are my systems A and C described below:

System A
TT1. EAT Forte S, arm pro Ject evolution 12, cartridge ETA JO n5
TT2. Thorens 320 mk2, cartridge Denon DL 103
Transport Scarlatti
Streamer/DAC dCS Bartok
Nucleus Roon
Phono stage: EAT E Glo Petit
Pre amplifier: Audio Research Reference 5 SE
Amplifier: Audio Research Ref 160S
Speakers: Wilson Audio Alexia
Headphone: Meze empyrean

System B
TT Roksan Radius 5
CD player NAIM CD 5 with FlatCap XS
Streamer: NAIM NDP 5XS2
Technics RSb 905
Phono stage: QUAD Twenty-Four P
Pre amplifier: QUAD Twenty-Four
Headphone amplifier: Feliks Audio Euforia
Amplifiers: QUAD II eighty
Speakers: Quad ESL 2905

System C:
Streamer: Lindemann Limetree Network with access to roon nucleus of system A
Amplifier: Audio analogue Primo Cento VT
Speakers: Sonus Faber Liuto monitor with dedicated stands

Have a nice week,


Obter o Outlook para iOS

I just added some more DLs. Give it another shot.

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thank you!!!
I have my fingers crossed, now I have space but the network is so slow… :slightly_smiling_face:

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