It's sounding better and better . . .

Yesterday evening I realized all of a sudden that my system was sounding better – in fact, the best it has ever sounded. The timbre of voices and instruments was more realistic, it was easier to follow individual instruments in the mix (yet the presentation hung together in very organic way). I could follow every nuance in a singer’s delivery. There was just more there there. And fast passages were FAST. Same thing evident tonight, all with FLAC files streamed through the PDW II/Bridge combo. I’ll try some vinyl tomorrow.

No changes in the system for a month or so. All this digital stuff I’ve bought made me outgrow my old Shunyata Hydra 6 power conditioner. Early in July I replaced it with the new Shunyata alpha versions, with a 4 dedicated to things analog and a 6 for things digital. (Sorry, Paul, no $$$ for a P10.) Sound has been very decent but not like this. All I can think is that the Shunyatas must have passed some break-in point. They must now have 200 hours or more on them.

Whatever the cause, it’s a gift and I am a very happy listener. It’s just amazing, so detailed and yet so natural (for digital music, and I’m sure that PWD deserves a lot of credit for that) :slight_smile: Makes me wonder what the new DAC firmware 2.4.whatever will do when it’s released (I’m currently running 2.1.0).

Very interesting comments. I am considering a Hydra Alpha 2 to feed my Powerplant P3. I wonder if this lid be overkill?

Good news. Hopefully it will persist. Could it also be something that was dirtying up the power in the house that got turned off? Quiet night on the local power grid?

Definitely nothing in the house was different these last few days. Power grid? Who knows. I have experienced that “good late night sound” effect, but never two nights in a row in exactly the same way. We’ll see if it keeps up, and I sure hope it does. Shunyata does say that their products need really long breakin times, which made me think of that explanation.

Very exciting stuff. I hope it continues just as nice.