J River bridge or USB

I just got my DSD Jr. a couple of days ago. Love it!

I would like to use the Bridge w/J River on DirectStream Jr. due to logistics.

I have set it up but when I play my flac files the front panel shows them as 44.1 PCM or 96 PCM. However when I do it thru USB it say DSD 128 1 Bit.

The USB sounds better.

Do I have J River configured incorrectly for the Bridge??


Although you didn’t mention what the actual resolution of your flac files is, it sounds like you have the Bridge setup correctly via the Media Network and DLNA server configuration. What doesn’t look right is your USB config, which seems like it is setup in DSP to upsample everything to 1xDSD. You also didn’t mention if you are using a Mac or Windows PC for running JRiver but in either case, you need to go into the Tools/Options/Audio menu to fix this, assuming you would like your flac files played in their native resolution.



I did have the DSP upsampling. I changed it to none.

The USB still sounds better.

Question- Does the Dac upsample the files? If so what does it upsample flac files to? Originals are 44.1, 96, and some 192.

I have a DSD, not the Jr, but I believe the Jr upsamples everything to 20xDSD regardless of the native format.

Karl is correct. All inputs upsample to 20X if you’re using Huron or later OS.

Think I have this figured out now. Bridge working well. Loving this Dac. My preamp is no longer in the mix. That being said I have been lamenting the lack of connectivity with my turntable. So I just saw this NuWave Analog converter which looks like it would be perfect for me. I also see that it is being discontinued. Is a new one coming out? I dont see any used for sale so I am thinking it is awesome and no one sells them or it is not awesome and no one bought one.

Cant seem to find any info except from reviewers who seem to really like it. Weird how no one else on any other forums really has discussed it.

What gives??

If I were to guess it’s more along the lines of it being such a niche product that not a whole lot of them sold. Every PS Audio product currently selling is amazing in terms of performance and what you get for your money. For many who love vinyl, the very thought of “digitizing” the analog sound seems ludicrous. The nice thing about buying one means you don’t need a phono preamp (as the NPC replaces that) or a pre-amp (as the DS replaces that). All you need to do is select the I2S input on your DAC and you’re set to go.

I’m thinking about buying one, but maybe if the price goes down or maybe if I see one pop up on Audiogon or eBay. For the few vinyl records I have I don’t know if $999 is a worthwhile investment at the moment.

The NuWave phono is a terrific product and one we’re proud of. Seegs right. It was such a niche product it never really took off like we had hoped. Certainly not enough to keep it in production. We made the final 1000 pieces and have been selling the inventory a bit at a time. I think there’s less than two hundred left and they move at a reasonable clip each month. When they’re gone they’re gone.

Gorgeous product.

Ok. You convinced me. Lol. Just ordered one. Happy New Year!!

Thanks for making these incredible products.


I have now started a Tidal account (trial) and have installed MControl on my Android phone. I am able to listen to Tidal thru the bridge. However, the MControl app will show a specific music file as MQA/24bit/44.1kHz/1663kps. On the PS audio dsd jr the front panel displays PCM 44.1k 24Bits. That doesn’t seem right. Help.


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