Question about Roon with Direct Stream & Bridge II

Trying out Roon and loving it so far, however…

Many of the albums that were ripped as .aiff files (Mac) or .flac are displayed on the DS DAC as .wav files.

No file conversion is turned on in Roon. This did not happen on Jriver.

Any ideas?

Also, is there a “how to” set up Roon as there is for J River?

Roon is sending out WAV (PCM) stream to bridge2 therefore you see WAV on DS DAC display.

It is identical audio-wise to the aiff or decompressed flac and it sounds better than as if bridge would need to decompress the FLAC - so all is fine :wink:

OK, thanks.
I was wondering if I was either missing a setting or if Roon only spoke in .wav to the DAC. cool

todd r said

No file conversion is turned on in Roon. This did not happen on Jriver.

Just for the record, JRiver can absolutely transcribe to WAV files. I use the Bridge II and have JRiver set up to transcribe. I can see the Wav on the DS display from my listening position. All my files are FLAC with a 5 compression, ripped using dbpoweramp.

I’m sure it can, but I wasn’t questioning that.

I expected to see that the file being played was the same file type, bit rate, sample rate, etc. as what the file is saved as. When it wasn’t, it made me wonder if the file was being converted without my permission.

Fyi, Roon sounds better than JRiver. Roon sounds more open and richer.

I may try transcoding to .wav on JRiver to see if it can catch up to Roon.

Just for curiosity where are the settings for the FLAC to WAV conversion in JRiver 22?