Jimmy Buffett


I just heard it on the radio. That guy knew how to enjoy life.

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Wow, he was an institution. Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitudes was released while I was stationed in Biloxi Mississippi. Some in my circle rented an old home on the beach partially destroyed by hurricane Camille. That record was the perfect backdrop for the fun we had there.


Well, poop, We saw him in Cincinnati in the heydays…probably 1994 I’d guess?

Cincinnati was one of his favorite places to play because the crowd LOVED him and really got into it. It was a helluva night, that’s for sure.

This just puts me in a state of gloom now.


My friends and I were listening to him long before “Margaritaville”.
"A WHITE SPORT COAT and A PINK CRUSTACEAN " was the album that was started it all for me back in 1974. I still have his early albums but haven’t given them a spin in a very long time.
Sad to hear of his passing, but that’s how it goes.

Just found out he has a cameo in “Jurassic World” - whereby he runs away from an outdoor bar (pursued by some or other dino) but takes his two margarittas with him :slight_smile:

Here we go:


Edit - Taking a sip as he flees - style :slight_smile:


I can’t blame him. The Margaritas are good I enjoy them more then his music so I thank him for the great drinks the incommunicado my favorite the cheeseburgers and volcano nachos!


I saw him in ‘75 or ‘76 when I was a student at the University of Miami. He played under a full moon on the Student Center patio. He said it was the moon that prompted him to play “God’s Own Drunk” that night. A wonderful concert. We saw him again, decades later, at the peak of the P-heads craze, when a friend was working as his guitar tech. Even got inside his tour bus.

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I didn’t know Jimmy Buffett was worth $1 billion.

Whatever comes next has a new addition to the band…Sail on Sailor.

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My understanding is coconut sales have dropped off significantly, :roll_eyes: