Jerry Jeff Walker

Lost him last night. Here’s a drink to you compadre. Man with the big hat.

God speed Jerry

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Sad news. I grew up listening to his music.

Oh no … RIP.

It’s the end of an era. We shall not see his like again.

This song it was written down
In a pea green windowless room
Four o’clock and the TV’s dead
Wired up with nothin’ to do
I drunk all my whiskey I smoked all my beer
I’m already gone I just got here
An old hairy ass hillbilly
Still up and hangin’ on


I’m not looking forward to this year’s year-end memoriam lists. Way too many loved ones lost.

I like to believe they’re in a much better place


Respects RIP Mr. Beau

… and we just lost Billy Joe Shaver, too.

He married one of his wives, Brenda, three separate times! Wow.