jPlay Femto server and the Bridge


I am trying to evaluate the jPlay Femto server with the DirectStream and Bridge. Most of what i have read people use the USB input with jPlay.

They say it is DLNA compliant so I figure it should serve to the Bridge as a Render er.

they recommend Bubble UPnP server as the control app

Has anybody done this? Is this even possible?



I found out that jPlay will only output to USB via their own render engine

James 108

How do you like the JPLAY Femto? I recently bought the JCAT Reference USB cable and Marcin at JPLAY recommended I try the JPLAY Femto. I am curious.

I am impressed with JPlay it definitely improves quality, I am still experimenting with it to find the best configuration.

I includes both server software and Renderer software you can mix and match it with different product like Roon or JRiver or Minserver.

For best results they recommend using Bubble UpNP with both the Femto server and renderer. Download the free eval copy and give it a try


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Jplay does not support MQA. Other than that,it sounds good with Roon. Or if you use it with Jriver DLNA its ok.

JPlay odes not officially support use with Jriver.

JPlay Femto server does not work but the JPLAY Femto players works well with JRiver and in my system is a noticeable improvement in SQ. this is considering that JRiver is already a very good sounding platform

I have JPlay Femto and definitely like it; I get obviously improved sound quality vs both Foobar via JPlay and JRiver alone.

I currently connect to my DirectStream to PC with an AudioQuest Diamond USB and was thinking of upgrading to the Bridge if it were a “JPlay” alternative, so I had OP’s same question in mind… glad to see I’m not alone.

My motivation behind thinking about the Bridge is that I previously owned a Bel Canto DAC 3.5 and REFLink combo; using a fiber optic to connect the DAC3.5/REFLink was noticeably better than my AQ Hawkeye SPDIF, which I always assumed was because of increased electrical isolation between the components… since the Bridge would presumably offer better electrical isolation than USB, I was thinking improved sound quality would likewise follow…

While I don’t get along with JRiver’s interface very well it does have really good sound quality. I find the Bridge II to have better performance than JRiver through USB into our DAC. I find Audirvana to be just slightly better than JRiver in performance and approaching that of the Bridge.