PWD and Jplay

Does anybody have experience with Jplay ?

I tried the trial software abbut was not able to set it up decently.

I use PWD MKII, Bridge, LAN, Windows 8 and a dedicated desktop.

I strongly favor EMM Sound Quality over Jriver, minimserver, Foobar and others. Tried them all.


jPlay will not work the Bridge until the Wavestream (VSC) is finished. It will work with the PWD II if you use USB. From what I’ve read some people install the software and it works like a charm wile others seem to struggle with it.

Aliaswolf uses it here on the forums and is a big fan. As soon as Wavestream is available I intend to try it a well.

Steven B-)

Thanks Steven.

Any idea when the VSC is going to be operational ? (yes, I know this is a rhetoric question…)

I used Jplay with Jriver and with Foobar, was not impressed at all, returned to EMM.

I assume we will just have to wait, hopefully not too long.


Hopefully, the A Beta team will receive it this week. Look for the postings by aliaswolf. He is a big fan of jPlay and jRiver. He has posted several “how to dos” under the jRiver tutorial for PC.

@Steven B-)

I’m copying Aliaswolfs comments about jPlay. These directions are for jPlay, jRiver, via USB.

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As mentioned in some postings before, I am using jRiver with jPlay. In the latest development (jPlay 5.1) there is a new option added. You can now use jPlay in “streamer-mode”. That means that you run on the first PC your favourite streaming software (in my case jRiver) and on a second PC only jPlay. The first PC will be the Control-PC, the second is the Audio-PC. There are four “engines” available on the Audio-PC. The one I like most is the “ultimate” mode. To use this mode, the Audio-PC needs to run win8!

Now you connect the two PCs in your network (hard wired is recommended, although WLAN is possible) and do all the settings on your Control-PC. Output has to be Kernel-streaming, with all other options ultimate mode is not working. Don’t forget to set Audio-PC correctly in the settings panel of the Conrtol-PC!

On the Audio-PC you have to instal the USB-driver for the PWD MK II. Since this driver is not originally made for win8 you have to search (after connecting via USB, of course) for the PWD in the device-list of your Audio-PC. At least in my case the PWD was shown there with the yellow flag, indicating that the device was not properly installed. Now you right click on the icon and select “driver” and do the driver update manually. Therefor you point on the folder where you stored the unzipped driver. Now the installation should work.

With this setup I have for the first time ever a sound quality via USB which is better than streaming via the bridge. It even is slightly better than the PWT, which was until today my benchmark.

You won’t have the cover icon on the PWD panel, since this is only provided for the bridge. But anyway I consider turning off the display while listening as the best option.

As an upside you will have full access to all the goodies of jRiver. First of all gapless play, second 24/192 without any clicks or dropouts (that never worked via the bridge for me). And don’t forget the ultra-stable control app jRemote for the iPad…and a superior sound quality!

Side note: since my English is limited to some hundred words it is not easy for me to write a simple “how-to”. But Josef and Marcin, the developers of jPlay, provide a manual and a forum on their website ( and they answer any question via mail in short time. If needed, they access your PC remotely to help you sort things out. So I can only recommend to try this setup if you want to let your PWD sing like never before…

If you want a more detailed information from me, your German should be much better than my English…

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No, not that way. jPlay has to be installed on both the control- and on the audio-PC. jRiver is only used on the control-PC. Both PCs has to be powered on and must be connected in the same LAN.

In jRiver you have to go to “tools” /“options” / “Audio”/ “output mode”. If you have installed jPlay correctly, there will be the new option “JPLAY Driver” which you should choose. Close jRiver.

Now open the jPlay settings menu on your control-PC. In the first option on the top (playing via) you should decide for “Kernel streaming”. Next line on the left choose “ULTRAstream” as engine. Next line on the left is for telling the software, which PC will be the audio-PC in your setup. This PC has to run under win8 and has to be connected to your DAC via USB. To let jPlay search your net for the audio-PC go to the option “Search my LAN for JPLAY” and press “OK”. After some seconds a popup will show you, that one PC (additional to the control-PC of course) was found with jPlay running. Now you have to close and restart the settings menu of jPlay. After the restart you are able to choose your second PC as the Audio-PC. If you rely on the default settings of the developers, your done now. Otherwise you can start to play with the different settings options…

Afaik you don’t need to do any settings on your Audio-PC. But make shure, that on both PCs jPlay is in the autostart folder. On the control PC even jRiver should start automatically.

To use the audio-PC with your PWD MK II with all options up to 24/192, you have to instal the PSA USB-driver as described in my former posting.

Now you switch the PWD to the USB input, and either control your machine via the desktop of jRiver or use an app as e.g. JRemote. Have fun!

Thanks Steven.

I find this whole setup of 2 pc’s, windows 8,so many drivers, changing the input to USB input - too complicated and hardware consuming. (for me). Too many variables.

The convenience and simpleness of streaming via LAN to the Bridge is of great value for me.

Thanks anyway.

HI - sorry - late comer to this thread.

I have JRMC with JPlay running via LAN from my Win8 laptop. The sound is fantastic, integration with JRemote is working very well indeed.


What mode/setup do you use in JPlay?

Could we use it with Foobar in ethernet?

I’ve not toggled a single setting in JPlay - been getting used to the vastly improved sound first.

Hi David.

Can you please send me link to the directions how to run JRMC with JPLAY via lan to PWD.


Hi - I just used the instructions on the jpay site - - for JRMC. It works/sounds great.

David you use it with the Bridge? Or straight into the USB input of the PWD?

Bridge - it works great, sounds fantastic

Way better than JRMC just on its own.

Are you using Wavestream and Jplay to stream through the Bridge?

Jplay won’t work with the Bridge normally. Only Usb.

David do you use two separate computers, or run Jriver and JPlay on same machine?

@fmer - I had trouble with wavestream, so it is not operational on my system.

@jvilly - one computer - a dedicated Lenovo X300 with Win 8.


I believe I’ve got jPlay and Wavestream going.

Here is how:

1. Start WaveStream.

2. Download and Start jPlay.They have a free trial.

3. Start jRiver.

4. Then Tools > Options > Audio > Audio Output > Select Kernel Streaming

5. Then Output Mode Settings

6. Under Device >Select Device > PSAVIRT Wave

7. You might have to click stop and play a couple of times.

8. PWD II should display PS Audio Stream

9. JRiver should say PS Audio Wave Stream in the display.

10. Select PS Audio Wavestream on jRemote if you set up a zone as I outlined earlier.

11. If you are using the trial jPlay, it will start and stop every minute until you buy, but that is one way you know it is working.

Just as we had imagined jPlay is tricked into thinking we have a Soundcard running.

So it now will play directly to the Bridge!

Yum Yum

Let me know if it is not working according to my directions and I need to add things.

jPlay may not be optimized yet. So experiment with its settings and let us know!



Steven, That must be a phenomenal sound jRiver,jplay, Wavestream and the bridge!!!

This is excellent news Steven. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make instructions into sticky notes so people are not guessing as to where they might be for future use. Just a thought…