JPLAY Discussion Thread

JPLAY has caught my eye:

JPLAY Home Page

Lets make this a place to talk all things JPLAY.

I’ll start with this. I love Roon for searching for music, hearing new stuff via Roon Radio and the ability to play from Qobuz and my networked files; but (“Everyone I know has big but” - Pee-Wee) I often find the sound quality via Roon not quite as satisfying as listening to my files via the JRiver Media Center software and its app., JRemote.

So, three initial questions for the JPLAY experts here:

Am I likely to improve the sound quality of the files I stream from my network or Qobuz using JPLAY;

Am I likely to have a better user experience with the JPLAY app’s iOS remote equivalent of JRemote; and

Will JPLAY in any way cause me to have to duplicate files on my computer or NAS? [I am full up at the moment and can’t maintain a functioning Roon interface without adding or freeing up some more storage capacity on my iMac (Roon Core residence.)]

Thanks in advance.

[I guess I should add, does JPLAY work with the PSA DS Sr. DAC?]


Great idea for a thread. I don’t understand the operating principal. It says no core required. Does it just run on you remote (iDevice) and you point to your local music directories on the same network? Do you have to pay twice to install it on two devices, say iPhone and iPad? The price is certainly reasonable enough.

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I also do not understand exactly what they are offering.

I find marketing materials for streaming products are often cryptic.


I always wish there was a simple one-line diagram, a cartoon type diagram will usually do.

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Agreed, this would be perfect.

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The FAQs are particularly underwhelming.



I have it installed on multiple devices in both houses for the one fee. Once you install it once it goes into your iCloud and any other installs are from there not the Apple Store. Never used it on more than one device simultaneously. So far it has worked with Zen Stream, Red, DMP-A6 and Teac NT-505. The Teac is based on Lumin so no problem with their architecture.


The biggest “expert” on JPlay for IOS is probably Chris of Audiophile Style as it’s apparently his daily driver plus he uses it in hardware reviews. I would consider him a “power user.” Long running thread on it there.

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