Jriver DTS 6 channel sound or 2 channel sound confused?

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I hope I have posted this in the correct place…sorry if I haven’t I only just registered…

This has confused me for a long time. it says on the top right 2 ch and output 2 Untitled.jpgch, but the film is 6 channel DTS…but although it says 2ch I am hearing sound from all my speakers, I told it not to make 2 channel sound in pseudo surround…so am I getting 6 channel DTS or 2 channel audio like it says? I can hear audio from all my speakers and it sounds correct but the problem for me is it is saying it is converting it from 2CH and the output is 2 ch, also have to ADD my AV reciever is telling me I am getting DTS 5.1 audio…well I am very confused about this and it has bothered me for a while so I thought I would finally ask on the forum? Thanks folks…

P.S I should say I also posted this question in the Jriver forum…the reason why I put it here is it seems to me other people who use Jriver are not using it for the same reasons as I am…they seem to be using it to watch TV channels on it or something…I just find it frustrating to try and find someone who knows what I am talking about,I am Simpy into my cinema sound… I love Jriver IMO it is the best media player ever but…the settings and info windows are baffling me hehe!

P.S again, I just realised this PS audio seems to be some sort of hard drive thing I just thought PS audio meant it was a forum for audio…sorry but I will leave here and see if anyone can shed any light on my question thanks.

If I’ve understood your question then by using DTS indeed you can have a multichannel source encoded in DTS as two channels, have those two channels go thru various components looking like a stereo signal and then eventually get decoded back to the original multichannel with, say an AV receiver.

For example I have DTS CDs, CDs (not DVDs) that can be decoded by a AV amp to multichannel outputs. Some sound pretty good, but in general I’d much rather have DVD-A or SACD, etc. for multichannel.

Are you using the DAC in the AV receiver? Either way, in settings there is a place where it asks if you want DSD played back as a bitstream, if that is set to bitstream, it may be the problem. You want it outputing 2 - channel PCM. It may also ask how you want to handle different kinds of files, it could be in there.

I can tell you this, it is a wrong setting in JRiver. If the AV receiver gets the bitstream it will decode that. I am not near my laptop with JRiver, but it will be in the options I think on the first page, so scroll down, check those settings, if that doesn’t help you post, well, either way post your results, and I will reply after looking at JRiver.

Jeffstarr and Ted smith I now have it saying this Untitled-1.jpg

it is now saying 6 channels in the top and 6 channels on the output…I disabled HDMI bitsream but I had to put none in the left had column (Image below) where I had it set to dolby digital AV receiver, (I have an HDMI AV receiver)…but it seems I had to put none to totally disable the bitsream…anyway the front of my AV receiver is now saying PCM 5.1 which I think means the receiver is not decoding anything it is just playing it directly as source is …now…well that is it as far as I understand it…I think you both nailed it…the receiver was decoding the bitstreams as multi channel audio and from the stereo channels decoded in bitstream to mutli channel audio…again as far as I understand it…I love this Jriver software but this second page here I am always messing around with hopefully now I can just leave it as it is… thanks by the way…both answers were really helpul…


Ted Smith, much the same here regarding SACD and DVD audio…I have queen a night at the opera DVD audio disc and Jeff wayne’s war of the worlds collectors edition that comes with several discs the first two are the album in SACD format…it is quite good as it is in multi channel audio…, also dire straits borthers in arms SACD…I also have AI (artificial intelligence) DVD audio disc but I need to actually play the SACD’s on my actual blu ray player…my Jriver I use on my windows PC…and of course windows PC drive doesn’t play the SACD’s as far as I know…not the discs themselves anyway as I do not think you can get a PC drive that can play SACD’s I do not think so anyway…but pretty similar here, like to hear some music too in multi channel audio where possible :)…so there are other people in the world like me haha!..but thanks again though both…now I know what was happening with that software had been baffling me for a long time hehe!

Good, I wasn’t sure I understood what the issue was :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ve got 1000’s of multichannel SACDs and now that I have a DMP I can play them in multichannel again. I think I can theoretically use the PC to play my multichannel ripped SACDs, but I’ve never pushed it thru and figured out what additional hardware (if any) I’d need…

Bigbootz2, now I am a little confused. I thought you wanted to play the stereo tracks on your ripped discs. If you are playing movies and want the best sound, that would be the DTS version.

Does your AV Receiver decode DTS? Or do you want JRiver to do what you have now PCM going to the receiver? You mentioned HDMI, are you outputing from JRiver through USB or HDMI? Is your AV receiver a current model that can decode the latest, best version of DTS? When you use your Blu-ray player do you run an HDMI cable between your Blu-ray player or a digital cable, or six cables for the analog output, letting your Blu-ray player do the decoding?

I see other settings that might need changing, you have JRiver set to upsample everything to 192k. I set all of those to their native resolution, up to 192k, then because my DAC won’t decode above 192k, I divide by 2 for the 300ks and 3 for those in the 700ks. And then set to 176k or 192k.

I am strictly a 2-channel guy, but Ted is very knowledgeable. With more info, as in answers to all my questions, we should be able to get you sorted out. We need to know what you want it to do.