Hello from France, Paul.

For several weeks I compare JRiver MC19 with ELYRICS. My PWD MKII is connected RJ45 with my QNAP TS-219 that stores all my music encoded in FLAC, 16b/44, 1KHz or 24b/41, 4kHz (native downloading www.qobuz.com). My amp is a couple LUXMAN C03B/M03B and I have a fabulous stereo speaker One OE-III (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-UsIkLs8LE)

I hope you will not abandon Elyrics application because I think the sound is better. The sound is more “round”, “warm” and the soundstage is wider (that is a strength of this speaker system)

I think MC19 gives a metallic and aggressive side although I use the setting “PS Audio DAC”. It is very sensitive!

Thank you for reading me and I can not wait to hear the new version of the DSD PWD.

Thank you to Google for translation …

Nice set-up. Sorry but development work on EMM stopped some time ago. PS Audio poured a lot of resources into it but in the end they decided their limited resources were better spent elsewhere. There are alternatives to JRiver you might try, such as minimserver or foobar2000 (the latter is PC only (I see you are using a MacBook Pro) but has the advantage of working gapless with the correct plug-in).

If I cannot get Elyric or JRiver Media Center for Mac to work with my new MacBook Pro, then what can I use the Bridge with?

I can only get a few Radio Stations to play, neither seem to want to play my downloads from Linn and HDTracks,

I can make Elyric work with my Wife’s MacBook Pro (but, technically, I am not allowed to touch her computer).



Why can’t you get JRMC running on you MBP?

Really nice set up! I found the same of my system with eLyrics player, it’s much less aggressive than JRiver, and I can get gapless working…