JRiver - PS Audio USB 2.0 Driver

I just enjoy gapless playing with JRiver (latest issue 19.0.131) and Directstream. (fw 1.2.1) It sounds exciting and the change of tracks is very comfortable for my ears. Use of the bridge is no alternative.

However there is a big BUT. I use an I-Mac as music source and connect by 4,5m USB cable with DS. Always when starting JRiver it doesn’t remember to PSAudio USB 2.0 driver and I don’t see the driver in the JRiver Audio set up. I’ve always to do a hard reset of the Directstream to connect JRiver and PSAudio USB 2.0. That’s a bit boring to me. Plug off the USB cable doesn’t work, too.
I’m a bit surprised because usually USB support is no more issue in IT.
I’d be happy if anybody can give an advice to connect more comfortably. frown

I have Windows 8 and the drivers do not load automatically when I touch the screen on the front of the unit. What I have to do each time is turn the rear switch off wait a few seconds and restart it and the PS Audio icon will appear in the sound section of the control panel. It is an inconvenience and out of the numerous dacs I have owned or tried ,it is the only one that does not immediately connect once the drivers have been downloaded.

Just tried to start JRiver once more. The PS Audio USB 2.0 driver was still present. I think my problem might be solved. But I don’t know how?105_gif

Ah the infamous USB driver syndrome.

One common cause is that when using a PC or other computer that is NOT dedicated to the DS, the computer[s] break the USB handshake to support other functions on the computer like playing to computer speakers, and even playing “sounds” that they make when receiving mail etc.

With the Mac you can set up a “multi output device” that supports ALL and is much more secure.

I have not used Win 7 or 8 so am not sure if there is an equivelant.

Hi Gordon. Thank you for the advice. Now I got in the Audio/Midi add-in of OS X Mavericks. Nice weekend. Kr Adolf

“I use an I-Mac as music source and connect by 4,5m USB cable with DS. …PSAudio USB 2.0 driver”

I’m trying to get my Mac to talk to my DS and had read that the Mac would automatically choose the right USB driver. Mine always selects USB 1.0, do I need to install the USB 2.0 driver, or follow Gordon’s “Create Multi-Output Device” [which is found in Audio Midi Setup which is located in Applications/Utilities]?