Junior connected to the previous amplifier settings

Many decoders have a skip-volume control section when connecting the preamp. I am using Junior and I want to add a preamp to it. What do I need to set up for juniors? I only need to connect the preamplifier to Junior through LXR, can the volume be up to 100?
Thank you!

It shouldn’t really matter. Just set the volume of the DSJ suitable for the gain of your system. 100 should work OK. 90 should be OK. 80 should be OK. I’ve tried mine through 60-100 and it doesn’t seem to affect the sonics whatever volume you set on the DSJ prior to the pre-amp.

thank you for your reply. Another problem:
What is the principle of Junior’s volume control? Does its volume control affect the quality of the sound?

The sound quality remains the same.

The sound quality stays pretty consistent but the noise level of the DSJ is somewhat high and constant, so I always use the preamp/integrated volume control instead.