Just joined the PSA family, finally

I have been using the PSA power cords, but this is my first component purchase. I went with the pre-owned SGCD and is still under warranty. I was on the fence of a used DS Sr, but I want to start here and see how the system synergy goes as my 2ch rig leans very, very slightly on the warm side of neutral.

The SGCD will be feeding a recently upgraded McCormack DNA-1, with input from a Marantz SA8005, Aries Mini streamer, as well as being used as a HT bypass preamp.

I will first swap my preamp and will also try it as a DAC feeding the RLD-1, experimenting is half the fun. My McCormack RLD-1 preamp while still performs very well, is also nearing 20 years old and might need a refresh, so we will see how the GCD compares.

Budget will obviously dictate this endeavor but I can see how the SGCD could also be moved to a smaller system if I ultimately acquire more PSA gear.

I’ve heard of some issues with the GCD in regards to channel balance and “thumps” but I want to speculate this doesn’t apply to every unit so we will see how this one goes.

Been watching Paul’s videos for quite awhile, I also really like the entire structure of PSA and am very glad to have purchased a product from a company like this.

Very glad to be part of the family.


Welcome, @dyl71 !


I’m the proud owner of P3/M700/SGCD all acquired second hand. All were only months old and under warranty. This represented a major upgrade for me but has proven to be oh so worth it. Sure you’ll be happy with your new toy.


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Welcome! I’ve been a member of the “tribe” for about three years now. I think you’ll find the members to be very helpful with much less drama and sniping than is unfortunately typical on other forums. I don’t have any personal experience with the GCD but wanted to welcome you nonetheless.

Welcome aboard, I used to sell Steve’s equipment used to have the DNA .5 the the 1 then the Monoblock’s whish I kept those his new stuff is considered very well indeed

I also have the P3/M700/SGCD combo, and am supremely happy with them all. I also fed a Marantz SA8005 to the SGCD analog inputs and thought the sound was great. You’re right, though, that it leans in the warm direction. I’ve read numerous accounts in the press that this is the predominant characteristic of what they call the Marantz “house sound,” so I personally attribute every bit of that to the SA8005. I replaced that with an SACD 30n earlier in the summer, and while it also reveals a slightly warm nature, it’s more subdued in that regard, and, in general, considerably more organic and musical (IMO).

Now though, with the big promo on the PST, I’m on the fence about taking the plunge and replacing the 30n’s analog output with the PST’s I2S.

Thanks, looking forward to take delivery in a couple days.

Yes, the modified McCormack really seems to punch well above it’s price point, it has continuously pointed out where my weak links are.

In regards to the SA8005, I’m going to try the analog output first, then use the SGCD as the DAC, fed via Nordost Silver Shadow digital coax.

Yeah, the PWT does look tempting, but even with the discount…not sure if it’s in the current budget. Might have to find a way…:slight_smile:

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I think you’ll find the SA8005 will not output digital data from an SACD unless it’s a hybrid disc, and even then it will only read data from the Redbook layer. You can thank Sony for that. Try it with a non-hybrid disc and you won’t get anything.


I have a handful of SACD’s, but a large selection of redbooks. The redbooks are the ones I will use the SGCD as the DAC, for CD’s anyway.

The SGCD arrived and I wanted to A/B against the RLD-1 in the same manner using it as a preamp first before using it as a DAC/preamp. The only gripe I have right now, is how close the RCA terminals are for the input. My Synergistic Research RCA housings are touching but not enough to stress the terminals.

I didn’t let the SGCD warm up, want to get a baseline then revisit after a day. First impressions are there is a great amount of detail, while slightly warm and I think this really let’s me hear the Marantz house sound. If I had to make a snap judgement, it’s almost like you took a 1kHz EQ slider and lowered it ever so slightly, all the detail is there, but slightly soft and again, that’s likely the source.

The overall “soundstage” …and I say that to include the openess and air that a wide open stage gives, seems very slightly restricted. To be more precise, that last little bit of air that lets your imagination extend to the side walls to give the impression of an open-air show, seems to just extend past the speakers, but not to the walls. To be fair, while the whole rig has been powered up, it hasn’t played music for a couple weeks, so only idle current.

I want to say that after some hours, that will change, but want to put some hours on it before I use it as a DAC.

So right away, I noticed a smooth, clean, dark background. My mind wanted to think it was slightly cloaked, but the detail in the female vocals, high hats, cymbal ride, were all there with good decay…so far I’m enjoying the SGCD very much as a preamp.

It is very well controlled, all the details in the midrange and bass, vocals, are tight and not as forward as some reviews have stated, and that could be the synergy of my gear.

So I’ll let it play overnight which will surely let everything get up to temp and all those good things that happen with playtime.

Initial impressions are very good, it’s quiet, detailed, smooth, looking forward to more hours with it.